• Clippings - Births, Deaths, Marriage

      Clipping of the obituary of Mrs. Mary Lanman Douw Ferris, widow of Morris Patterson Ferris, n.d. Clipping of the obituary of Alfred Sanderson Woodruff, March 20, 1926. Clipping describing the wedding of Margaret Julia Woodruff and Captain Percy Carruthers Band, n.d. Clipping of a birth announcement of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Band, 1924. Clipping of a birth announcement of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Percy C. Band, Sept. 11, 1927.
    • Clippings - Death

      Clipping of the obituary for Amy Constance Woodruff Miller, daughter of the late W. Henry Miller and Amy Woodruff Miller. The funeral was at St. George’s Church and Interment at Victoria Lawn Cemetery on Feb. 8, 1949.
    • Clippings - Engagement, Death

      Clipping of the obituary of Francis Woodruff, n.d. Clipping of the announcement of the engagement of Gladyse Wanita Palling to Lieut. Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff of the 176th Overseas Battalion, n.d.
    • Family Record

      Family record copied from the family bible. This 1 page, single sided note was in an envelope and gives date and places of births and marriage, but it doesn’t provide any last names, n.d.