• Letter by J. Pickering, Port Talbot, to Mr. Thorburn, Queenston, July 15, 1832

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-22)
      A letter by J. [Joseph] Pickering, Port Talbot, to [David] Thorburn, Queenston, dated July 15, 1832. The letter concerns a lost letter Pickering had posted at St. Thomas to Edward Fox in Buffalo. There are additional notes on the letter by post office officials (likely Alexander Hamilton, postmaster at Queenston) indicating that the letter had been delivered to Edward Fox. The letter is postmarked Port Talbot, July 19, 1832. Mr. Pickering writes that “I posted a letter at St. Thomas last April, containing $100...for Mr. Edwd. Fox, Buffalo. I have had a letter since from Mr. Fox stating the letter had not come to hand. I again immediately wrote to him that I had sent the money but have received no answer, tho it is a month since. I am told the letters cross at Queenston. You will oblige me, Sir, by stating in answer if the above letters were forwarded, or if the communication is stopped with the States…” A note initialed A.H. (likely Alexander Hamilton, postmaster at Queenston) states that “I find by my books a money letter for E Fox was sent to your office on 28 Apl. last”. A note following this states that “a letter from…Russel, PM, Buffalo says the letter has been delivered to Mr. Fox…”