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  • Article - "Navigation emphasized in the Governor-General's Race" 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1956-10)
    An article written by Dorothy Rungeling for the magazine Canadian Aviation. She writes about her experience during the Governor-General's Race and her win.
  • Article - "Peace That Passeth Understanding 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1918-11)
    An article written by Estelle B. Cuffe in late 1918, following the war. She writes about "Peace on the Battlefield", "Our Boys Reprieved" and "The Men Who Shirked". Estelle concludes her article with the following "But, ...
  • Article - "Pelham Farm Nurtured County P..." 

    Unknown author (1963-06-29)
    An article cut and photocopied from the Welland Tribune 29 June 1963. The article discusses the life of Ethelwyn Wetherald from childhood to her death in 1940.
  • Article - "Pelham's New Councillor A Woman of Many 'Firsts'", 1963 

    Unknown author (1963-12-04)
    An article in the St. Catharines Standard announcing Dorothy Rungeling as a new member of council for Pelham Township. The article states, "She is the first woman to be nominated and elected to Pelham township council ...
  • Article - "Reward for a Job Well Done" 

    Unknown author (1961-05-29)
    A newspaper article called "Reward for a Job Well Done" from the Orillia Packet and Times in 1961. The article reads "Mrs. Hubert Hawley of Atherley, left is presented with a lifetime membership engraved on silver when ...
  • Article - "Selling to Women" 

    Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1939-07)
    An article from The Monthly Agency Review, published by the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, titled "Selling to Women" by Miss E.B. Cuffe. The introduction states that Estelle is a decade into service as a Sun Life ...
  • Article - "Senior Commercial Pilot's Licence For Mrs. Rungeling", 1954 

    Unknown author (1954-08-19)
    The article discusses the recent acquisition of a senior commercial pilot's licence for Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling. She is one of only three women, at the time, to hold this licence. The process for acquiring the licence is ...
  • Article - "Something of Quakerism: The Crusade of George Fox Two Hundred Years Ago" 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    An article about the history of Quakerism and the "doctrine of Inward Light, as preached by George Fox more than 200 years ago."
  • Article - "Stamp of Approval", 2010 

    Campbell, Wayne (2010-05-15)
    An article discussing the accomplishments of Dorothy Rungeling and the announcement of a Canada Post stamp in her honour. Dorothy Rungeling is 99 at the time of the interview.
  • Article - "The Man's Side of The Woman Question" 

    Wetherald, Ethelwyn (n.d.)
    The article shares a friends question/perspective from the male side of the argument of suffrage. The argument begins with a fear of lost femininity with the ability to vote. By the end of the article, Wetherald remarks ...
  • Article - "Those darling young women in their flying machines", 1977 

    Rungeling, Dorothy (1977-09-09)
    A retrospective article written by Dorothy Rungeling as she recalls the the International Air Races that often began or ended in Welland-Port Colborne Airport. The article was published in the Welland Evening Tribune, 9 ...
  • Article - "Tribune Article Wins Aviation Writing Prize", 1958 

    Unknown author (1958-10-21)
    An article in The Evening Tribune that discusses a second place win in an aviation writing competition. She had also won previously in 1953. The article states that the "newest award comes on the heels of the granting ...
  • Article - "World Famous Musicians Teach At Harold Bradley School of Music" 

    Unknown author (1957-07-20)
    An article about the work at the Harold Bradley School. It also mentions the addition of Deryck Aird to the staff as a director of the department of violin.
  • Article - Being a Husband 

    Thistlethwaite, Bel; Wetherald, Ethelwyn (n.d.)
    An article entitled "Being a Husband" by Ethelwyn Wetherald under the pseudonym "Bel Thistlethwaite". She begins the article "The desire to be a man has never taken deep root in my heart, but I have often thought I should ...
  • Article - Chardonnay 

    Olmo, Harold P. (Wine Advisory Board, San Francisco, California, U.S.A., 1971)
    An article published by the Wine Advisory Board in California, that discusses the history, culture and process of making Chardonnay.
  • Article - Ethelwyn Wetherald 

    Pomeroy, Elsie (1933-03-05)
    An article about the life and work of Ethelwyn Wetherald printed in The Challenge. The article discusses that she not only wrote about nature, but also emotion and life. The author mentions "Sir Wilfrid Laurier was one ...
  • Article - Ethelwyn Wetherald's Poetry, An Appreciation 

    Garvin, John W. (1931-10)
    An article of appreciation for the work of Ethelwyn Wetherald. The article includes a few of Wetherald's poems. The article begins "I may be regarded as almost a truism that if a poet be placed in any environment, ...
  • Article - St. Catharines Standard post race, 7 July 1952 

    Unknown author (1952-07-07)
    A photograph and brief comment about the race results for Dorothy Rungeling. She is photographed next to George Belfry of Thompson Products (sponsor), Alice Little (co-pilot) and radio broadcaster Rex Stimers.
  • Article - Woman's World "The Right Not to Vote" 

    Thistlethwaite, Bel; Wetherald, Ethelwyn (1888-06-16)
    An article from the column Woman's World by Ethelwyn Wetherald under the pseudonym Bel Thistlethwaite. The article discusses a woman's right to vote, Wetherald writes "It is always easier to leave things are they are than ...
  • Article - Woman's World: "A word on Woman Suffrage" 

    Thistlethwaite, Bel; Wetherald, Ethelwyn (1888-06-05)
    An article from the column Woman's World written by Ethelwyn Wetherald under the pseudonym Bel Thistlethwaite. The article makes an argument for the equal rights of women as Wetherald states "From the discovery that she ...