The Archives & Special Collections house some of the more unique, rare and valuable collections in the Brock University Library with particular attention to resources highlighting the Niagara area, autism, United Empire Loyalists, and Freemasonry.

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  • The Freemason The Masonic Illustrated, August 1923 

    Unknown author (1923-08)
    A portion of the August 1923 Freemason, No. 2842, vol. LXIII.. In the issue there is an article titled "Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario: Enthusiastic Welcome to English Deputation". Also in this issue: "A New York ...
  • Bible pages for the Nelles Family 

    Unknown author (1832-1924)
    Bible pages containing Nelles Family marriages, births, Christenings and deaths, 1832-1924 (non-inclusive).
  • Radio transcript of work of the Red Cross Women's Transport Corps during WWII 

    McCordick, Helen (1942)
    A radio transcript of an interview with Helen McCordick (wife to Frank McCordick) about the work of the Red Cross Women's Transport Corps during World War II. The work included picking up salvage materials for reuse, ...
  • Photograph - Julia Victoria Hudson Nelles (1837-1924) 

    Unknown author (1882-11)
    A photograph of Julia Victoria Hudson Nelles (1837-1924) [She is the wife of Samuel Nelles and mother of Ida Ann Hawksley Nelles – to whom the photo is inscribed] and Julia Lillian Henrietta Nelles Drope.
  • Photographs - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelles 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelles.
  • Two Lake Lodge School Crests 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    2 felt Lake Lodge crests [the crest is made up of a shield divided into 4 parts by a blue cross. The upper left section contains an open Bible which signified a close connection to the church. The upper right contains a ...
  • The Lake Lodge Record (Vol. 14, no. 2) 1929 

    Unknown author (1929)
    This book contains photographs of the 3 cricket teams for 1928-1929. The 3 rugby teams for 1929 are pictured as well as a group of cadets.
  • The Lake Lodge Record (Vol. 2, no.1) 1917 

    Unknown author (1917)
    The Lake Lodge Record 1917 contains a photograph of Flight Commander (Capt.) J.H.N. Drope of the Royal Flying Corps. Sports champions include: T. Shurly, J. Phin and A.O. Shurly. Photographs of men involved in the war ...
  • The Grimsby Preparatory School for Young Boys: Lake Lodge, Grimsby, Ont. 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A booklet about Lake Lodge School titled "The Grimsby Preparatory School for Young Boys". It mentions "the object of this school is to prepare young boys for admission to the High Schools and the larger boarding Schools. ...
  • Lake Lodge Eighteenth Annual Sports, 1914 

    Unknown author (1914)
    A program for the Eighteenth Annual Sports event, 20 June 1914. There are events listed with names of individuals who placed first and second. There are also some special prizes listed for "Cup for Best Sportsman", "Mr. ...
  • Lake Lodge School First Annual Football Supper Program 

    Unknown author (1913-11-14)
    A program for the First Annual Football Supper at Lake Lodge School. The program includes game results, a menu, and a list of players: J.D. Watt (Capt.), F. Pinhey, J. Hill, J. Chisholm, C.L. Bailey, H. Carmichael, H. ...
  • Photograph - Lake Lodge Choir 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of the Lake Lodge School Choir.
  • Photograph - Lake Lodge Hockey Team 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of the Lake Lodge hockey team. The photograph features, H. Cope, W. Page, W. Parker, F. Lindsay, V. Woodhall, E.H. Hull, W. Reynolds, W. Shore, R. Timms and D. Owen.
  • Photograph - Lake Lodge School Cadets 

    Unknown author (1930s)
    A photograph of some Lake Lodge cadets. The photograph is from the early 1930s before the school closed in 1933 due to the depression.
  • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1908 

    Unknown author (1908)
    A photograph of the junior Lake Lodge School cricket team, 1908. On the reverse of the photograph are some of the names of the team. There is also a caption that reads "Lake Lodge School Junior Cricket Team 1908. Picture ...
  • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School 

    Unknown author (ca. 1906)
    A photograph of the cricket team at lake Lodge School ca. 1906.
  • Photograph - Barn at Lake Lodge 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of a "Barn at Lake Lodge used to house American prisoners during War of 1812". Another note mentions that the barn will be dismantled to be replaced by a new one "early 20th century"
  • Photograph - Lake Lodge Rowers 

    Unknown author (1928)
    A photograph of an 8 person team of rowers with one coxswain (Ron Wilford). There is a list of the rowers included: Coxswain Ron Wilford, Stroke Bert Arnott, 7. Tom Rymer, 6. Bill Thom, 5. Al Evans, 4. Herbert Hawley, ...
  • Photograph - Star Oil Office, Hamilton 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photograph of Ed Hull’s [Ed Hull senior] oil office, Star Oil Co. at 14 McNab N., Hamilton.
  • Photograph - Crown Oil Company in Hamilton 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A photo of the Crown Oil Company in Hamilton which has Eddie Hull Jr. and a very young William Hull in the picture.

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