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dc.contributor.authorBabcock, Elisha
dc.description.abstractContains two letters by Maj.-Gen. Brown to the Secretary of War, written shortly before the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, dated July 22 and July 25, 1814. Also contains a letter from L. Austin, A.D. Camp of Gen. Brown. The letter is dated at Buffalo, 29 July 1814, and gives an account of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, in which Gen. Brown was injured. The heading that precedes the letter is “Battle of Chippewa” [Chippawa], but the details and dates are consistent with the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. Also contains an article on page 3 about a British attack near Black Rock, followed by a siege on Fort Erie, taken from the Buffalo Gazette Extra of Aug. 3. A brief article on the capture of Gen. Riall during the Battle of Bridgewater (Lundy’s Lane) is included on page 3, with the heading “Singular circumstance”. Volumes of interest were published between 1812 and 1815 with articles about the War of 1812. The 1814 Aug. issues report events of the Battle of Chippewa.en_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812; Newspaper; Chippewaen_US
dc.titleAmerican Mercury, 16 August 1814 (vol. 31, 1572) - Newspaperen_US

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