• Promoting the Success of Indigenous Students in High School Mathematics: A Handbook for Educators

      Safieh, Danielle
      There is a significant gap in the number of Indigenous students enrolled and successful in secondary school mathematics, which is partially due to the lack of cultural pedagogy and critical pedagogy in mathematics education (Nielsen et al., 2008). This is significant, because as Doolittle and Glanfield (2007) argue, mathematics education in mainstream society is an enabler (or disabler) of many opportunities. Many researchers and educators have worked toward the goal of improving Indigenous students’ success in mainstream education, however there is significantly less research focusing specifically on Indigenous students’ success in secondary mathematics education. This project explored major themes of Indigenous ways of knowing, two-eyed seeing and growth, and mathematical mindsets from an extensive literature review with the purpose of developing a handbook and strategies and sample activities for Intermediate and Senior mathematics teachers to implement in their professional practices. The handbook was designed to provide mathematics educators with research-based knowledge to aid them in developing inclusive strategies pedagogy and assignments that promote Indigenous student success as well as make mathematics education meaningful. Included in these strategies are project-based learning, place-based learning, and critical and social justice mathematics.