• First aid: A Critical Component of School Health Education

      Cursio, Daniel
      There exists a paucity of evidence pertaining to first aid education in Canadian schools. With personal safety being an important component of health education, first aid is positioned less prominently within provincial school health curricula or programming in Canada. Normally performed by laypeople, first aid refers to the urgent and initial assistance given to anyone suffering a sudden illness or injury in order to preserve life, prevent rapid health deterioration, and promote recovery (Canadian Red Cross, 2017a). This study examines first aid education (FAE) in Canada’s provincial health education curricula. It also analyzes and discusses the taxonomy of first aid core content and outcomes within these curricula. Further, the study examines what FAE incorporates, while also analyzing why and how it is integral with health education. The findings in this study may provide scholars and practitioners with a deeper understanding of school-based FAE. Suggestions for future revisions in health education curriculum and future research directions are provided.