• Doing the Math: Comparing Ontario and Singapore Mathematics Curriculum at the Primary Level

      Hoang, Dieu Trang
      This paper sought to investigate the fundamental differences in mathematics education through a comparison of curriculum of 2 countries—Singapore and Canada (as represented by Ontario)—in order to discover what the Ontario education system may learn from Singapore in terms of mathematics education. Mathematics curriculum were collected for Grades 1 to 8 for Ontario, and the equivalent in Singapore. The 2 curriculums were textually analyzed based on both the original and the revised Bloom’s taxonomy to expose their foci. The difference in focus was then compared and discussed to find the best ways to improve the Ontario mathematics curriculum. With one of the best education systems in North America, the Ontario mathematics curriculum would only need to refocus its attention towards a more balanced approach, with greater focus on understanding through practices. Ontario would benefit greatly from a deeper research into the Singaporean math curriculum.