• Teaching pragmatics to newcomers to Canada

      Zeldenrust, Gwen
      The purpose of this project was to examine how ESL teachers teach pragmatics to new immigrants preparing to work in Canada, and to develop a practical resource to assist in the delivery of pragmatic linguistic material. The resource used effective approaches as outlined in the literature, specifically an explicit-inductive technique in a sequence specific manner. In addition, a needs assessment completed by teachers in the field was considered during development. Eight ESL teachers responded to a needs assessment interview guide. The data collected highlighted a need for a practical technique that allows for delivering pragmatic content in accordance with theory espoused in the pragmatic linguistic teaching literature. The resource includes a practical teaching technique intended to be flexible enough to cover a wide variety of pragmatics topics. The Awareness, Analysis, Understanding, Use, (AAUU) technique promotes learning and use of culturally conditioned language.