• Who Am I? Unpacking My Identity as a Physical Education Teacher

      Dierick, Jenna
      Abstract This research project presents a narrative inquiry and autoethnographic stories that make up my identity that in turn informs my teaching practice. By writing a collection of narratives from my life and analyzing their meaning, I have been able to answer the research question: Do I teach who I am? This has allowed me to demonstrate the impact of teaching who we are. I begin by debriefing the importance of teaching who we are and how this fits into this narrative inquiry. I provide the theoretical framework through the work of Parker J. Palmer (1997) that led me to take this research journey. Then I provide a literature review of identity theory, identity in the school system, and identity as a physical educator, so that I am able to understand and incorporate them into my narrative reflections. In the methodology of the narrative inquiry, I provide justification for the research and display the benefits of being vulnerable in qualitative research. The narratives are then presented and provide a flowing connection of how the story grew and unfolded throughout my life. The emergent themes—perfectionism, people-pleasing, holistic health, and masculine and feminine energies—are unpacked to show my identity and why I teach the way I do.