• Neuroscience, Health, and Well-being: A Podcast Series for Adolescents

      Lachance, Sarah Elizabeth
      This research project explored brain-based topics as they related to adolescents including diet, exercise, memory, sleep, emotions, and structures and functions of the brain. Research into these topics was used to develop a six-part mini-series of podcasts, which utilized analogical reasoning and scientific explanation, targeted at teenage audiences. The goal of the project was to develop a resource that would modify adolescent thinking on these topics. Cognitive behavioural theory suggests that how we think about the world affects our behaviors (Kelly, Melnyck, & Jacobson, 2011). Therefore, the goal of this study is that listening to the developed podcast, titled Teen Brain, may influence adolescent choices. Three Ontario Certified Teachers, who are personal acquaintances of the author, evaluated the product. Evaluators found that the product was appealing and affective for teenage audiences, and believed that it could have the potential to be valuable or even life-changing for a range of audiences.