• The FinTech Skills Gap: Identifying Skills Desired by Bank Employers and Skills Taught in Undergraduate Business/Accounting Programs in Ontario

      Bott, Joyce
      This study examined the FinTech skills gap in Ontario with the goal of identifying opportunities for developing FinTech talent in undergraduate business/accounting programs offered at Ontario universities. A literature review revealed a global phenomenon of technology-related skills shortages in the finance industry from the perspective of employers. Although educators do incorporate technology and data analysis tools in the classroom, students are not perceived as being fully proficient in them (Boulianne, 2016; Pan & Seow, 2016; Rackliffe and Ragland, 2016; Sledgianowski, Hirsch, & Gomaa, 2016; Wymbs, 2016). The methodology used in this research involved using text analytics to look at FinTech job postings data from Indeed.com compared against undergraduate program data from the official academic calendars posted on the websites of 19 universities in Ontario. Results reveal with statistical significance that business/accounting educators have a weak level of agreement with bank employers on the hard skills that are most relevant in the industry.