• Multiculturalism, Neoliberal Education Policies and its Effect on the Black Youth in Ontario Schools

      Ali, Fauziyatu
      Multiculturalism in Canada is a significant policy which aims at finding unity in diversity and aimed at dismantling discriminatory attitudes and cultural jealousies. The Multiculturalism Act, which was passed in 1971 by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was set within a bilingual framework making Canada the first country in the world with an official multicultural policy. This encouraged various provinces to have some forms of multicultural policies, with Ontario creating one in 1977. With multiculturalism becoming a key aspect of Canadian culture, having some form of multicultural education was necessary. In this research, I explain how neoliberal education policies set by various governments in Ontario hinder the realization of having some form of multicultural education. Neoliberal educational reforms downplay structural & institutionalized sources of inequality as it neglects the social realities of students of color by way of marginalizing and excluding their cultural realities from the curriculum. Aside this, I also examine the challenges faced by the black youth in the Ontario education system. Among some of the challenges faced include racial discrimination and stereotypes, the lack of representation of Black/African perspectives in the school curricula, the absence of Black teachers, and a prevailing culture of White dominance. This research concludes by providing ways that we can re-imagine the Ontario education system to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment.