• Empowering Physician Leadership: A Theoretical Analysis of Medical Leadership Frameworks

      Antony, Catherine
      The year 2020 heralded the global pandemic and the uncertainty of future challenges. In challenging times like these, it is difficult to lead and to remain motivated. Leaders, however, inspire and keep us believing and expecting that we can come out of today’s darkness. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the health system instituted rapid changes that signified the efficacy of medical leaders in crisis. This study’s document analysis explored how medical leadership has emerged and focused on the empowerment of physician leadership, as well as the purpose of training through medical education. The review of the literature analyzed the similarities and differences between widely accepted medical leadership frameworks and also the leadership frameworks. Similarly, the study analyzed the drawbacks of the literature review and recommended changes in frameworks to encourage aspiring physician leaders. Findings emphasized the need for a holistic approach (encapsulating all the systems of medicine, including complementary and alternative medicine) to the leadership framework. The study, therefore, addresses the possibility of physician leadership and how it can be implemented through formal medical education. The study reflects on the competencies physician leaders should attain and obstacles they need to overcome with a focus on adaptive leadership.