• Ontology of Language and the Impact on Transformative Learning Materials in Adult Training.

      Garcia Vega, Cecilia
      This study examined three disciplines; Ontology of Language (OoL), Human Resources Development (HRD), and Transformative Learning Theories. The purpose was to find connections between the three topics in the Adult Learning process and develop a Handbook for facilitators containing tools to deliver high-quality experiences by designing competitive spaces equipped for adult learning. The other primary purpose was to share with English speakers the knowledge on the OoL that has been developed in Spanish. This Philosophy has been a powerful tool that assists people to transform learning experiences and promote a lasting change in behaviors, perspectives, and ideas, encouraging critical reflection in every dimension of a person’s life. By reading and following suggestions in the fore mentioned Handbook, the practice of teaching becomes an active exchange of conversations, reflections, and feedback that leads to environments where the learner and facilitator find transformation and growth. The adult education field can also use Ontology of Language to enrich the quality and deepness of discussions held in classrooms to ensure students are transforming their views about the world and themselves as leading participants of their learning process.