• The Relationship between Confucianism Culture on Chinese International Students’ Self-confidence

      Wang, Junjie Jr
      Considering the uptrend of educational globalization, the younger generation in China is choosing to study abroad. According to Lundeberg, Fox, Brown and Elbedour’s research (2000), Chinese participants have low self-confidence and do not trust their own skills. Furthermore, research shows that that Chinese graduate students tend to refrain from participating in classroom activities (Lu & Han, 2010). The purpose of this research project is to explore how Chinese international students perceive the influence of Confucius culture on their self-confidence, while completing the international graduate program in a single university in Ontario. All data was collected through loosely structured interviews with four Chinese graduate students in the international graduate program. Key findings of this research project highlight the students’ educative experience in both Canada and China, the influence of Confucianism on their self- confidence levels and the progression of this trait throughout the whole learning experience.