• Deauthorizing the Unauthorized: Examining Museological Decolonial Discourse

      Mercier, Lisa Marie
      This critical literature review examines current global debates and discussions pertaining to decolonization practices in museums. I sample the literature and categorise it into four categories - exhibitions, collections, education, and human resources. This review illuminated three important things. First, I found that much of the literature pertains to decolonizing national exhibits in North America. Secondly, more discussion needs to be had around community museums and the important decolonization work that is happening at a grassroots level. Lastly, while much has been written on the importance of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour as part of the staffing complement, less is written on decolonizing the broader human resources context of museum work. This dialogue is necessary to ensure adequate representation. The findings presented in this critical literature review continue important contemporary discussions on decolonizing museums. In sum, this research advocates for more work to be done with regard to decolonizing practices in museums.