The three-storey building houses the Faculty of Business, the Burgoyne Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Departments of Politics and Economics. Taro Hall is linked to the new Alumni Student Centre building by an enclosed steel-and-glass bridge at its second level. The construction of the two buildings entailed the demolition of a ramp leading to the Schmon Tower's second floor and a road realignment to allow campus traffic to bypass construction. The Taro building is named for Taro Properties Limited, a St. Catharines land development company that donated $1 million dollars to the project, the single largest donation in the University's history. Joining Taro Hall through a glass bridge, the centre includes a 400-seat pub (Isaac's), a food court, a campus store, and offices for the Brock Press, the Brock University Student Union, and student organizations. The new student facilities were aimed at accommodating the increasing number of students in on-campus townhouses. The development of the centre was initiated by the students themselves who in a 1988 referendum agreed to place a $10 surcharge on each of their courses to fund the centre's construction. In addition, Brock's Alumni Association contributed $200,000 to the centre, which now bears its name. Though the University owns the building, a new student corporation independent of both the university and the student union was formed to manage it. The new student centre replaced Alphie's Trough, a chalet-style building on the northwest end of campus, now converted into a faculty club. Both buildings were opened in Spring 1991.

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