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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionTranslation of Clopton Charter Let those who are present and those in future know that I Robert de Clopton gave and granted to my son, William, one yardland which is part of the Clopton estate / manorial demesne with all its appurtenances in exchange for his homage and service , and that I have confirmed it with this charter . The yardland in question is that which he once held as heriot / heritable property . [I have given and granted it to him] to be held and kept by him and his heirs freely and undisputedly as a holding granted in return for services and as hereditable property from me and my heirs. For this he has to pay an annual rent of twelve silver pennies, in two installments per year: six on the Feast Day of St. Michael and six on the Feast Day of St. Mary in March , on the income that belongs to me and to my heirs, without neglecting income from elsewhere; together with all goods and privileges attached to the aformentioned land in the form of fields and pastures and everything which belongs to said yardland. And I, Robert, and all my heirs shall warrant all this aforementioned yardland together with all its appurtenances to said William and his heirs against all other claims in perpetuity . However, in order that this gift and grant of mine may remain firm and immovable, I have validated this charter with my seal in the presence of [the following] witnesses: the knights Sir William of Ludinton [and] Sir Robert of Valle. William of Edricheston, William of Waleford, Robert of Sidesam, Richard of Ludinton, Nicholas the scribe , and others.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis document is a classic example of a medieval charter, a legal document recording the conveyance of lands or rights that constitutes an extremely important class of evidence for historians of the middle ages. Charters narrated or recorded a gift or grant, but did not actually convey property; the conveyance itself was a public ceremony.Clopton Charter attached to wax seal 2 photocopied colour photos of the seal 5 coloured photos (3 of the charter and seal and 2 of the seal) 1 12 page document entitled A thirteenth-century English charter at Brock University- a 2 page translation of the charter is attached to this document 1 page transcription of the charter by Angus Somerville 1 page translation of the charteren_US
dc.subjectManuscripts -- Medieval -- England --Great Britain -- History --13th centuryen_US
dc.titleClopton Charteren_US

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