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dc.contributor.authorCameron, Chantal
dc.descriptionIn 1846, the governments of Upper Canada and the State of New York initiated the creation of two companies that would be authorized to build a bridge over the Niagara River. The bridge was to be owned by both companies, respectively known as the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Company (Canadian) and the International Bridge Company (American). A suspension bridge was completed in 1848. This bridge was later replaced by a second suspension bridge that accommodated railways, built in 1853-54. However, the increasing weight of trains made it necessary for the bridge to be redesigned, and a third bridge was completed in 1886. Eventually, this bridge was replaced by a steel arch bridge, which was completed in 1897.en_US
dc.description.abstractConsists of five paid invoices from various businesses and individuals. The invoices were issued by Swan & Low, dealers in coal and wood, the Town of Clifton, the Goat Island Hotel, Albion Medina Stone Co., and A.L. Hawkins, Clifton.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries;RG 374
dc.subjectNiagara Falls Suspension Bridge Comapny.en_US
dc.titleNiagara Falls Suspension Bridge Company fonds, 1875-1876, 1878, 1884en_US

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