Various student residences from the initial Decew Residence to more recent ones like Earp and Quarry View.

Recent Submissions

  • Lowenberger Residence 2004

    The building accommodated 311 students in single and double rooms, and included a 300-seat dining hall, common lounges, and study rooms. The building is named after Arnie Lowenberger, a former faculty member who held many significant positions during Brock's early development. Lowenberger was the first Director of the School of Physical Athletics and Recreation, and became its first Dean when it was reconstituted into the Faculty of Physical Education. In these positions, he introduced varsity sports to Brock such as men's and women's basketball and men's hockey, implemented the first health and counseling services for students, planned the design of the original Physical Education building, and drafted the University's Physical Education degree program. He also was the first Director of Residences and the first Dean of Students.
  • Quarry View Residence 2003

    The Quarry View Residence is an 80-unit townhouse complex that accommodates 290 students; it emphasizes more independent living and was ideal for individuals in graduate studies programs.
  • Earp Residence

    The five-storey building consists of 255 furnished, single-rooms with a bathroom shared between every two rooms, as well as a lounge on each floor. It is named after the University's second and longest-serving President. Dr. Earp was President from 1974-1988, in addition to being Acting President during the 1971-72 and 1973-1974 academic years.
  • Village Residence Expansion

    Built in 1989, Village Residences added more units in 1992.
  • Shaver Hospital Residence

    Located next to Shaver Hospital across the street from Bock's main campus, the Shaver Hospital Residence used to house nursing students. The building was demolished in the early 2000s.
  • Village Residence Construction

    A high angle photograph of the village residence construction in winter.
  • Student Townhouses Sketch

    An artists sketch of townhouse residences.
  • Residence Room

    A photograph of the interior of a residence room. There is a bed, desk, phone, lamp and chair.
  • Decew Residence Single Unit

    A Decew Residence single room. Included is a bed, dresser, chair, and desk.
  • View of Decew Residence from Thistle Complex

    View of the Decew Residence from ontop of the Thistle Complex.
  • Lower Level Exterior Decew Residence

    A close view of the Decew Residence lower floor exterior.
  • Decew Residence

    An exterior photograph of the Decew Residences. (n.d.)
  • Decew Residence Aerial Photograph

    An aerial photograph of the Decew Residences.
  • Aerial Photograph of Decew Residence Cafeteria

    An aerial photograph of the Decew Residence and cafeteria.
  • Decew Residences Overhead

    A high angle photograph of the Decew Residences.
  • West View of Decew Residences

    Low angle photograph of the west view of the Decew Residences.
  • Tower and Decew Residence

    The Schmon Tower is in the foreground with the Decew Residences in the background.
  • Decew Residence

    A photograph of the Decew Residences from the rooftop of another building on campus.
  • Decew Overhead

    An overhead photograph of the Decew Residences.
  • Decew Isometric

    An isometric view of the planned Decew Residence.

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