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dc.description.abstractA semi-weekly paper that was published from 1801 to 1817. It was previously called the Independent chronicle and the universal advertiser, and was later the Independent chronicle and Boston patriot (Semiweekly). Publishers were Abijah Adams and Ebenezer Rhoades.
dc.description.abstractContains a report from the Buffalo Gazette of British Regulars burning militia barracks near Lewiston, N.Y.; several accounts of the American capture of Fort Erie; and details of the Battle of Chippawa, including a statement from Maj. Gen. Brown in praise of his troops, and a copy of General Brown's orders to attack at Fort Erie.
dc.description.abstractPage 1: report of Independence Day celebration including multiple toasts to the military;
dc.description.abstractPage 2: report of South Carolina militia marching home; report of U.S. schooner Alligator being lost to a tornado in Port Royal; report of 10,000 militia and 2,000 regular Army troops to be used in defense of the District of Columbia and vicinity; report U.S. is to try to raise 100,000 militia for defense; news of British deserters providing information to the U.S.; report of skirmishes along the U.S. coast; statement from U.S. Navy Capt. David Porter stating he had taken possession of Sir Henry Martin's Island; report of British troops burning a militia barracks in Lewiston, N.Y.; 4 accounts of the battle of Chippewa and the taking of Fort Erie; statement from Maj. Gen. Brown in praise of his troops in the battle of Chippewa; copy of General Brown's orders to attack at Fort Erie; essay arguing against U.S. citizens boarding enemy ships; report of peace treaty rumours;
dc.description.abstractPage 3: account of Capt. Porter's capture and subsequent escape from the British; list of American prisoners held on the British ship Nymph; report of British cargo ship captured by U.S. war ship; Proclamation from James Madison pardoning military deserters if they return to military service; announcement to officers and soldiers in the military offering reward for the return of military deserters;
dc.description.abstractPage 4: 2 reward advertisements for return of military deserters;
dc.subjectMilitary desertersen_US
dc.subjectNaval operationsen_US
dc.subjectNaval warfareen_US
dc.subjectPeace negotiationsen_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812en_US
dc.subjectUnited States - Historyen_US
dc.subjectFort Erieen_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812- Domestic Lifeen_US
dc.subjectBattle of Chippawaen_US
dc.titleIndependent Chronicle Vol. XLVI No. 3470- July 14, 1814en_US

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