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dc.description.abstractA weekly paper that was published from 1805 to 1814. War related news includes: Page 103 - Weekly Retrospect: Reports on the Napoleanic Wars in Europe; Possible French and English troop movements from Europe to America and Canada; Mention of British vessels captured by American privateers Scourge, Rattlesnake and Lion; Report on New York celebration of Commodore Perry and General Harrison's victories on Lake Erie and in Canada respectively; Creek Indians attack on a supply convoy near Savannah, the provisions were recovered by General Floyd; General Harrison's account on Moravian Town (Moraviantown) and Munsey; Movements of General Wilkinson's army. Page 104 - an editorial about the madness of the times and its reflection on humanity. Contains a brief entry on the Battle of the Thames (Moraviantown), with details provided from Gen. Harrison’s official account of events. It is stated that “…the Indians dispersed after the attack”. The numbers of British, Indian, and Americans killed and wounded are included. The rest of the newspaper contains literary works (poems and translations), marriages, deaths and other anecdotes. The motto on the front page states: "Visiting Every Flower with Labour Meet, and Gathering all its Treasures, Sweet by Sweet."
dc.subjectGalleries and museumsen_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812en_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812- Domestic Lifeen_US
dc.subjectPerry, Oliver Hazard (1785 - 1819)en_US
dc.titleThe New York Weekly Museum Newspaper, Vol. II, No.26- October 30, 1813en_US

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