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dc.descriptionAn original Niagara area newspaper containing an account of the Battle of Queenston Heights and the death and burial of Sir Isaac Brock. The newspaper is dated October 24, 1812, eleven days after the death of General Brock. Topics of interest include: Page 1: Sheaffe announcement regulating the sale of alcohol in Niagara; Myers announcement asking citizens for the return of American muskets recovered from the battle at Queenston; local notices on business claims and education; want ads for wood, straw, flour and pork for military use; announcement by the Prince Regent in Council putting an embargo on American ships. Page 2: release of American prisoners captured at Queenston; news of the British Navy; the security of Canadian properties in wartime; American ships leaving Britain with licenses. Page 3: American ships leaving Britain with licenses Page 4: report on the Battle of Queenston Heights and the death of Isaac Brock.en_US
dc.description.abstract24 October 1812. Contains a lengthy article on the Battle of Queenston Heights and Isaac Brock’s death. Also contains a notice from Gen. Sheaffe, stating that “…I do forbid all merchants, inn-keepers, and suttlers, and all other persons, licensed or unlicensed to sell spirituous liquors of any sort or description whatsoever, within one mile distance of the respective military posts…” A notice by Lieut. Col. Myers, by order of Gen. Sheaffe is also included. It states that “whereas on the surrender of the American troops at Queenston on the 13th instant, a great number of muskets taken from the enemy were left on the fields adjacent to the scene of action, and were thereafter picked up by some of His Majesty’s Subjects, which muskets have not been returned into the Public Stores. Notice is therefore given that the Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s Forces trusts that all persons having in possession any such arms will avail themselves of this Notice and deliver up the same forthwith to the ordnance Store Keeper at Fort George…”
dc.subjectNaval operationsen_US
dc.subjectNaval warfareen_US
dc.subjectPrisoners of waren_US
dc.subjectMilitary Weaponsen_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812en_US
dc.subjectSheaffe, Roger Haleen_US
dc.subjectBrock, Isaac, 1769-1812en_US
dc.subjectBattle of Queenston Heightsen_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812- Domestic Lifeen_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812- Niagara Frontier Campaignen_US
dc.titleThe Bee Newspaper, Vol. I, No. 13en_US

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