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dc.creatorJoseph Desnouesen_US
dc.description.abstractThe Military Monitor was a weekly periodical that was published every Monday. The first issue was printed for August 17, 1812 and is believed to have ceased in 1814, as the last issue located was April 2, 1814. The periodical was suspended with the November 23, 1812 issue and resumed with the December 14, 1812 issue. The quote at the top of the first page is "The public good our end". The periodical's various authors included: Desnoues, Joseph, 1794?-1837. O'Connor, Thomas, 1770-1855. Hardcastle, John, 1778?-1835. Van Pelt, Peter, 1779?-1843. Wall, Stephen. Van Riper, Nicholas. Other authors are believed to be the American Antiquarian Society. Proprietors: T. O'Connor and S. Wall, 1812; T. O'Connor, 1812- . Printers: Hardcastle and Van Pelt, for T. O'Connor and S. Wall, Sept. 14-Oct. 5, 1812; J. Desnoues, Oct. 12, 1812- ; N. Van Riper, Nov. 6, 1813- . This issue was included in a bound volume of the Military Monitor and American Register.
dc.description.abstractBriefly mentions Tecumseh in an article about a skirmish between the Americans and British allied Indians. It is stated that “the Indians were of the Delaware and Miami tribes, entirely destitute of any kind of valuable property. It was stated that Tecumseh, with 4 or 500 warriors, was about 15 miles from the scene of action, and our troops anticipated another attack on their return” (p. 160).
dc.subjectMilitary - 1812en_US
dc.subjectWar of 1812en_US
dc.subjectUnited States - Historyen_US
dc.titleThe Military Monitor and American Register- 11 January 1813en_US

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