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dc.creatorSylvanus Urbanen_US
dc.description.abstractContains reports of the Battle of Chippawa (p. 273-275), including Gen. Riall’s official report, dated at Chippawa, July 6. A return of the killed, wounded and missing is included.
dc.description.abstractAn account of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane is provided on p. 282. It is stated that “dispatches from Sir George Prevost…have announced a glorious and important victory obtained on the 25th July, by Gen. Drummond, over the Americans, near the Falls of Niagara”. It is later noted that “…a victory is claimed by the Enemy, who, it is asserted, remained on the battle ground; but unfortunately for this claim, the subsequent retreat is admitted”.
dc.description.abstractAn official account of the British attack on Fort Erie is included on p. 282, taken from the Rhode Island Telescope of August 27th.
dc.description.abstractAn account of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane by Gen. Drummond is provided on p.369, in a letter dated near Niagara Falls, July 27. A report of the killed, wounded, missing and taken prisoners is included.
dc.description.abstractThe Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle was a monthly periodical published in England during the years of 1736-1833. The volumes of interest from 1812-1815 were written and compiled by Sylvanus Urban, Gentleman. These volumes were Printed in London by Nichols, Son and Bentley at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage and Fleet Street.
dc.subjectWar of 1812en_US
dc.subjectBritish Empireen_US
dc.subjectCanada - Historyen_US
dc.subjectGreat Britain - Historyen_US
dc.subjectUnited States - Historyen_US
dc.titleThe Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle - 1814 Septemberen_US

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    A digital collection of the 1812 era records from the Brock University Archives and Special Collections.

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