• Stereoselective synthesis of 5-substituted pyrrolo[1,2-c]imidazol-3-ones. Access to aldosterone synthase inhibitors and chiral precatalysts

      Xu, Shufen; Centre for Biotechnology (Brock University, 2010-10-26)
      Compounds containing the pyrrolidine moiety are key substructures of compounds with biological activity and organocatalysts. In particular, annulated chiral pyrrolidines with alpha stereogenic centers have aldostereone synthase inhibition activity. In addition, 5-substituted pyrroloimidazol(in)ium salts precursors to N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) precatalysts are rare due to a lack of convenient synthetic routes to access them. In this thesis is described a rapid synthesis of NHC precursors and a possible route to 5-substituted pyrroloimidazole biologically active compounds. The method involves the preparation of chiral saturated and achiral unsaturated pyrrolo[I,2- c]imidazol-3-ones from N-Cbz-protected t-Butyl proline carboxamide. The resulting starting materials may be used to prepare the target chiral annulated imidazol(in)ium products by a two-step sequence involving first stereoselective lithiation-substitution, followed by POCh induced salt formation.