In October of 1963 Brock University acquired the abandoned Frozenaire Cooler Co. Plant located at the bottom of the escarpment on Glenridge Ave. This former refrigerator factory would, over the course of a year, be renovated and transformed into the Glenridge Campus – the building that would serve as Brock’s first campus. Due to delays in construction as a result of an electricians strike, the Glenridge Campus was not officially opened until October 19, 1964, several weeks late and well after classes had commenced. Brock’s first classes were instead situated in the St. Paul Street United Church until work on the Glenridge Campus could be completed. When finished, the Glenridge Campus could accommodate 500 students and consisted of 16 classrooms, language and science labs, a library, an auditorium, offices, and several other spaces for students and faculty. The building acted as the hub of Brock University until the main ‘Decew’ Campus above the escarpment was opened in the late 1960s. The Glenridge Campus continued to be used for over a decade after, mostly housing science facilities. It was finally vacated in 1984 when the faculty of science moved to its current location in the Mackenzie Chown complex. The Glenridge Campus was torn down the following year and the property was subsequently sold to developers.

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