• Understanding Continuance Intentions of Physicians with Electronic Medical Records (EMRS): An Expectancy-Confirmation Perspective

      O'Brien, Nicole; Faculty of Business Programs (Brock University, 2013-05-06)
      This thesis examines physicians’ satisfaction with electronic medical records (EMRs) in the post-adoption phase. More specifically, the study examines how physicians’ satisfaction with EMRs impacts on their intention to continue using as well as extend their adoption of additional functions of EMRs. Expectation-confirmation theory is used with the incorporation of perceived risk as the theoretical framework. The extended theoretical model is used to formulate eight hypotheses to aid in the understanding of physicians’ continuance intentions. A field survey of 135 Canadian physicians that utilize EMRs was performed to test the model empirically. The study found that physicians are willing to continue using and adopting additional components of EMRs. In addition, the empirical results suggest that physicians’ perceived usefulness and perceived risk impacts satisfaction, which in turn influences physicians’ continuance intentions. As well, perceived risk has an influence on physicians’ continuance intentions directly.