• Concordia Statue

      The 8-foot tall Concordia statue made of bronze was unveiled in July of 1969. It was created by Canadian sculptress Eza Mayhew and weighs over 2500 lbs. Originally commissioned for Expo 67, it was later donated to Brock by Seagram's Distilling Company. The statue was placed just southeast of the Brock Tower, and still stands there today - between the Thistle Complex, Taro Hall, and Mackenzie Chown A Block. View facing northwest.
    • Decew Generating Station

      View from the west of the power station and land belonging to Brock beyond it.
    • Downtown St. Catharines around the 1970's

      circa 1970
      A view of downtown St. Catharines from Schmon Tower.
    • Early Overhead View

      Aerial photograph of the start of Brock campus construction.
    • The Path of Possibilities

      "The Path of Possibilities" sculpture by Ilan Averbuch presented to Brock in 1988.
    • Winter at Brock University 1967-68

      circa 1967
      Aerial view of a snow covered Brock University around late 1967 or early 1968. Construction of the Thistle Complex is still underway at this point.