• Who is on the Team? Exploring a Person-Centred Care Approach on an Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team, from the Healthcare Provider's Perspective

      Fucile, Bianca; Applied Health Sciences Program
      The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding from the perspective of healthcare providers how person-centre care ideologies are translated into day-to-day practice at an oncology center. This was a single case study, conducted at a local Oncology Center. The study included 15 interviews with healthcare providers, the analysis of 15 documents, and the keeping of a reflexive research journal. Four themes and ten sub-themes were found to represent the experiences of healthcare providers: (1) Educating with Empathy (2) Informed Personal Advocate, (3) Being the “Rock”, and (4) Progressing as a Team. This study demonstrates the roles of healthcare providers, patients and caregivers on a healthcare team committed to delivering person-centred care. It also introduces a new kind of team, a person-centred care team along with complimentary guiding principles to inform the practices of healthcare providers. This study contributes to the shift in the culture of care in oncology, where patients and caregivers are welcomed onto their healthcare team.