• The Values of Community Curling: A Case Study

      Brooks, Donald; Applied Health Sciences Program (Brock University, 2014-07-22)
      This qualitative case study research shows that within the realm of curling, the professionalization of the sport, at the national level, has limited to no effect on the core values of respect, belonging, and giving back that the grassroots level of curling identify as important. Through an interview process with twelve community level curlers, from four separate clubs within the Niagara region, data were collected and analyzed using traditional coding techniques. Utilizing institutional theory, the research shows a growing gap between the national level of curling and the grassroots level. Data also shows that value alterations, at the community level, are based on the changing Canadian environment in regards to legislation (smoking and drinking laws) and social behaviours (the busier Canadian lifestyle) rather than changes at the national level. These findings have a profound effect on how sports are administered in the Canadian sport system