• Determining the Effectiveness of the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist - Certified Training at Baycrest Health Sciences

      Hirshfeld, Karen; Applied Health Sciences Program
      The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the “Champion” training of the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist – Certified (TRSC) at Baycrest Health Sciences (BHS). BHS recently implemented a new model for Therapeutic Recreation Services that employs the model of champion for implementation of both best and next practices within the organization. This mixed methods study used both case study and program evaluation in order to understand whether the training that comprised of five different topics allowed the six participants to develop the skills needed to be champions. The results supported that learning did occur during the training and that the experience was positive for the participants. The overall finding from this study is that while the training was useful, the participants did not feel confident about utilizing these skills without further training; hence, this training can only be considered an introduction to the concepts presented.