• Assessing the Occupational Leadership Efficacy of Sport Management Students

      Dykstra, Michelle; Applied Health Sciences Program
      A cross-sectional study was used to examine how sport management undergraduate students judge their capabilities to occupy leadership positions in the sport industry; their occupational leadership efficacy (OLE). Specifically, this study explored differences in capability judgments between groups of students who were completing sequential courses within a sport management undergraduate program, and if and/or how male and female students differed in OLE. Of a total population of N = 484, n = 154 students of a 4-year Undergraduate Sport Management program were surveyed. An analysis of covariance was completed to determine if significant differences existed between courses completed (i.e., years) and sex. Results indicate no difference in OLE between years or between sex. However, the covariates Sport Employed and Sport Leader had significant impacts on OLE. Sport management educators can use these results to improve undergraduate degree programs. Self-efficacy can be fostered using strategies linked to Bandura’s (1997) four sources.