• Treasurer's book of the Thorold Reed Band

      23mm x 34mm. Brown hardcover book.
    • A trip to Niagara Falls sheet music, 1905

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-04-08)
      Sheet music titled “A trip to Niagara Falls” (descriptive march). The music is by Clifford V. Baker and published by Koninsky Music Co., Troy, N.Y. A green and white illustration of the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls by Starmer is featured on the cover. There are five pages of music with descriptive text in different sections, including the gathering of the touring party; on the way to the R.R. station; on the train; arrival at Niagara City; on the way to the falls; roar of the falls in the distance; the rushing waters of the upper rapids; at the falls; the falls in all their grandeur; preparing to leave for home; waiting for the train; homeward bound; home sweet home; and the party dispersing.
    • Tuttle, Date and Rodden circulars, 1869-1870

      Williams, Edie (2010-05)
      2 advertising circulars, 21 x 34 cm
    • Two leaves from a Medieval breviary (prayer-book), c.1350-1400

      ; ; Adams, Anne (2012-04-24)
      These are two leaves [four pages] from a Latin prayer book written on vellum dating around 1350 to 1400. The text is a Mattins (morning prayer), in this case the Office of the Dead taken from the Book of Job.
    • Two leaves from a Psalter, early 13th century

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-09-13)
      Two leaves from a Psalter in Latin. The illuminated manuscript is on parchment and features a Lion and Griffon in the initials. It is from the early 13th century, France, likely before 1230. The leaves each contain a single column of 18 lines of an angular early gothic bookhand. Large, one-line initials are featured in gold on blue or pink backgrounds. Large, two-line initials are featured in orange-red or blue on a burnished gold background. Each leaf contains one initial enclosing an exquisitely painted lion or a blue-winged griffon who looks back over his shoulder at the text.
    • Union School District no. 6 Townships of Thorold and Grantham records, 1844-1853, 1855-1856

      Williams, Edie (2010-06)
      Minutes and accounts photocopies of orginals from Esther Summers.
    • University Photograph Collection

      Williams, Edie (2018-06-25)
      This collection consists of photographs created, collected and compiled by the University photographers, Office of External Relations, and University Marketing & Communications staff and others from the beginnings of the concept of a university for Niagara in 1963 to 2012.
    • Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. fonds 1955-1990, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Goul, Jen & Anne Adams (2010-11-08)
      The fonds contain materials relating to the Upper Lakes Shipping Company Ltd. The materials included are media releases, clippings, correspondence, and promotional materials. The materials were placed in alphabetical order within a series and chronological order within designated titles. Original folder titles were retained.
    • Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. Vessels Scrapbook, 1964-1967, no date

      Cameron, Chantal (2013-10-29)
      Consists of one scrapbook featuring vessels owned by Upper Great Lakes Shipping and built at Port Weller Dry Docks, from 1964-1967. The featured vessels include the Cape Breton Miner; Ontario Power; Canadian Century; and Hull 48 (known as Canadian Progress from 1968-2011, and renamed Algoma Progress in 2011). Materials in the scrapbook include blueprints, measurements, magazine clippings and photographs.
    • Various research on Isaac Brock, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2011-04)
      8 items including handwritten notes, clippings and printed material.
    • Victorian Order of Nurses Fonds, 1946-1963 (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2016-06-07)
      7 cm. (1/4box) containing correspondence, clippings and promotional material
    • Vintners Quality Alliance fonds

      Goul, Jen (2010-10-21)
      This archive contains materials relating to the wineries of Ontario and Canada, more specifically the Vintners Quality Alliance. The collection includes correspondence, meeting minutes, administrative records such as; job searches, financial/ documents, brochures and by-laws. The materials have been kept in original order, except where noted.
    • W.H. Cowan fonds, 1922-1949, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-22)
      The fonds contains correspondence, financial documents, programs and membership cards for the Lion’s Club, and several death notices.
    • W.P. Howland letter, 1890

      1 letter dated 12 November 1890 from W.P. Howland of the Welland Mills, Thorold, to Joel Misener, Esq. of Wellandport, Ont.
    • Wakeman Burritt fonds, 1807-1814

      Cameron, Chantal (2013-05-14)
      Fonds consists of correspondence between Wakeman Burritt and his business associates, as well as receipts and documents concerning the shipping vessels Brig Cannon, Brig Eunice, Brig Sampson, and several other vessels. Reference is made in some documents to the effects of politics on commerce, most notably the Embargo Act of 1807 and the War of 1812. The correspondence consists of 53 letters, 40 of the letters being addressed to Wakeman Burritt, with the remaining 13 letters being retained copies of letters written by Burritt to Samuel Cannon. There are also 17 letters written to Burritt by LeGrand Cannon of Norwalk, CT. The remaining letters to Burritt consist of two letters from his wife Grace Burritt, and other business associates, including Thomas Andrews, Stephen Arnold, Ezra Burr, Talcott Burr, Talmon Burr, Wm. M. Betty & Co., Samuel Cannon, Edward Jessup, Hugh Knox, Jonathan Meigs, Samuel Morehouse, Stephen Morehouse, W & B St. John, Oliver Sherman, Anthony Stow, and Ogden Richards Weldon. The shipping vessel material includes 52 documents concerning Brig Eunice, 27 documents for Brig Sampson, 14 documents for Brig Cannon, and 18 miscellaneous documents for vessels such as the Schooners Maria, Hope, Nassau, and Henry, Sloops Fox and Sally, and the Brig Diana and Emeline. The documents include receipts for piloting into port, for wharfage, and for supplies and repairs, as well as lists of disbursements, freight lists, and payments made to men working on the ships.
    • Walker Brothers Quarries Limited fonds, 1975, 1980-1981, 1984, 1987-1989

      Goul, Jen (2010-11-08)
      This archive contains materials relating to the Walker Brothers Quarries Limited. The bulk of the materials are correspondence, meeting minutes and media releases. The materials have been kept in original order, except where noted.
    • War of 1812 Newspaper Collection, 1800-1820

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-04-24)
      The collection contains American, British, and Canadian newspapers published around the time of the War of 1812. Many of the issues report on the events of the War. News items concerning events in the Niagara region have been noted and summarized. Articles concerning General Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, and John Norton (Mohawk Chief) have also been noted.
    • War of 1812 Officer’s Letter

      Adams, Anne (2019-09-25)
      The letter is 2 pages and is a handwritten letter on both sides of an 9 ½ by 7 ¾ single folding sheet.
    • Warrant for widow's pension for Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders, 1815

      Adams, Anne (2019-08-01)
      A printed blank addressed to John McGill regarding a widow's pension from the Government of Upper Canada.
    • Warren Hartman fonds, 1970, 1972-1996, 1998, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2012-06-04)
      The textual materials of the Warren Hartman fonds includes Mr. Hartman’s Curriculum Vitae, clippings, correspondence, slides, plays, programs, memorabilia and posters.