• Tileston family fonds, 1777-1857, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2021-11-30)
      Fonds consists of correspondence; a letter copy book describing an 1817 voyage from Newbern, North Carolina, to Charleston, South Carolina; bills; receipts; invoices; and wills. The financial records such as bills, invoices and receipts record the personal and business activities of Thomas Tileston Sr., who had a business as a house builder. The correspondence, letter copy book, and wills belonged to Thomas Tileston Jr. and document his activities. Some of the letters refer to events from the War of 1812.
    • To Daniel Near, Humberstone, from Misses Harnisch, envelope, 1882

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      1 envelope ; 8 x 13 cm.
    • Tony Aspler Papers, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2009-12)
      1.1-1.3 Blood is Thicker Than Water, n.d. [draft] 1.4 Chain Reaction, n.d.; [galley proof] 1.5 Prologue to Titanic, a novel, n.d. [5 ¼ diskette] 1.6-1.8 Titanic, a novel, n.d. [draft] 1.9-1.12 Titanic, a novel, n.d.[edited text]
    • Tony Biernacki Collection, 1967, 1979-1980, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2010-12-15)
      5 b&w photographs, 7 col. photographs, 1 glass regatta cup, 5 rowing singlets, 2 bronze medals, 1 award plaque
    • Toronto Lodge of Perfection

      Williams, Edie; Cameron, Chantal (2010-09-14)
      Fonds consists of minute books of the Toronto Lodge of Perfection, 1878-1992. Enclosed in some of the books are financial documents, correspondence and lodge calendars.
    • Toronto Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix

      Williams, Edie; Cameron, Chantal (2010-09-14)
      Fonds consists of minute books of the Toronto Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix, 1906-1997. Enclosed in some of the books are various programs.
    • Town of Welland water works debenture, 1888

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      1 debenture ; 57 x 43 cm
    • Township of Crowland. Petition and letter regarding a land dispute, 1854, 1855.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-02)
      Consists of a petition by residents of the Township of Crowland, and a letter addressed to the Hon. Commissioner of Crown Lands. Both items concern a dispute of a land survey. The petition is dated May 26, 1854, and is by inhabitants of the fourth concession in the Township of Crowland. The petition is signed by 9 residents. The names include James Cook (?), Samuel Buchner, James Rock (?), Wm. Vanalstine (?), Seth Skinner, Daniel Holcomb, P. Skinner (?), Henry Buchner, and Cornelius McHay (?). The letter is dated July 20, 1855 and is addressed to the Hon. Commissioner of Crown Lands, Quebec. It is signed by Arthur Johnston, Town Reeve, Bertie.
    • Transcript of a Speech given by Warrant Officer, Sheldon Quinn, 2017

      Adams, Anne (2017-05-17)
      Transcript of speech given by Warrant Officer Quinn to the Royal Niagara Military Institute
    • Travel Diary of Mary Creamer, 1896-1903

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-29)
      A travel diary belonging to Mary Creamer. The entries are dated from July 1896 to July 1903 and document her travels to Niagara and Boston. She visited Niagara Falls on July 24, 1896. She saw the Falls and described it as a “most wonderful and grand sight”, and also visited Three Sisters Islands and Luna Island. The following day she took a boat from Lewiston to Toronto, where she visited St. Michael’s Cathedral and Queen’s Park, which she described as “not so very pretty”. On July 26 she took a car to the Whirlpool Rapids and Gorge Route and stopped off at Devil’s Hole. She took the car back to the station and walked across the Suspension Bridge to Canada, paying the 15 cent toll. She visited Drummondville and Clifton and Queen Victoria Park, which she described as “a beautiful place with pretty flowers”. She commented that she found “Canada a very quiet and desolate place”. After her visit to Niagara, she left for Philadelphia. She ends her journal for this trip by noting that “my vacation, three weeks and one day, but enjoyed every day of the time, and saw a good many strange places and sights and thought Niagara the most wonderful of all”. In 1897, she visited Boston via steamboat. Her stops included many of the revolutionary locations, graveyards and churches, and Harvard University. In 1902, she made trips to Rumson Beach, where she toured the houses of the rich and famous, including Maude Adams, Vanderbilt, and Lord & Taylor. In 1903 she visits Pittsburgh, where she spends most of her time visiting friends.
    • Travel Photo Album and Scrapbook, 1929-1934

      Cameron, Chantal (2021-06-15)
      One photo album and one scrapbook containing photographs, postcards, and travel manuscripts of a Massachusetts woman and her friends as they travelled to Ontario, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Illinois from 1929 to 1934. The photo album and scrapbook document several separate trips, including two different visits to Niagara Falls.
    • Travel themed scrapbook

      Adams, Anne (2014-12-11)
      Photocopied articles from various newspapers which were formerly in a scrapbook. Articles are taken from various newspapers including: The Daily Standard, St. Catharines; The Buffalo Express; The Buffalo Illustrated Times; The Buffalo Courier; The Thorold Post; The Evening Star, St. Catharines; The Welland Telegraph; The Star Journal, St. Catharines and The Railway and Marine World, Toronto, Ontario.
    • Treasurer's book of the Thorold Reed Band

      23mm x 34mm. Brown hardcover book.
    • A trip to Niagara Falls sheet music, 1905

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-04-08)
      Sheet music titled “A trip to Niagara Falls” (descriptive march). The music is by Clifford V. Baker and published by Koninsky Music Co., Troy, N.Y. A green and white illustration of the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls by Starmer is featured on the cover. There are five pages of music with descriptive text in different sections, including the gathering of the touring party; on the way to the R.R. station; on the train; arrival at Niagara City; on the way to the falls; roar of the falls in the distance; the rushing waters of the upper rapids; at the falls; the falls in all their grandeur; preparing to leave for home; waiting for the train; homeward bound; home sweet home; and the party dispersing.
    • Tuttle, Date and Rodden circulars, 1869-1870

      Williams, Edie (2010-05)
      2 advertising circulars, 21 x 34 cm
    • Two leaves from a Medieval breviary (prayer-book), c.1350-1400

      ; ; Adams, Anne (2012-04-24)
      These are two leaves [four pages] from a Latin prayer book written on vellum dating around 1350 to 1400. The text is a Mattins (morning prayer), in this case the Office of the Dead taken from the Book of Job.
    • Union School District no. 6 Townships of Thorold and Grantham records, 1844-1853, 1855-1856

      Williams, Edie (2010-06)
      Minutes and accounts photocopies of orginals from Esther Summers.
    • University Photograph Collection

      Williams, Edie (2018-06-25)
      This collection consists of photographs created, collected and compiled by the University photographers, Office of External Relations, and University Marketing & Communications staff and others from the beginnings of the concept of a university for Niagara in 1963 to 2012.
    • Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. fonds 1955-1990, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Goul, Jen & Anne Adams (2010-11-08)
      The fonds contain materials relating to the Upper Lakes Shipping Company Ltd. The materials included are media releases, clippings, correspondence, and promotional materials. The materials were placed in alphabetical order within a series and chronological order within designated titles. Original folder titles were retained.