• Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Fonds, 1957-1976, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2016-08-11)
      38 cm, (1 box) containing correspondence and press releases regarding the Metropolitan and Toronto Region Conservation Authority and Black Creek Pioneer Village
    • Michael Hogue fonds

      Williams, Edie (2011-01-12)
      Fonds consists of account books and records of the business acitivities of Michael H. Hogue and Son.
    • Michael Hornyansky Fonds,

      Adams, Anne (2012-07-13)
      The bulk of the materials consist of writings, speeches and lectures.
    • Minute Books and Tyler’s Register of Plantagenet Preceptory No.8 Knights Templar

      Adams, Anne (2012-04-17)
      Series I. Minute books, 1866 – 1944, n.d. 1.1 A hardcover minute book dated from February 12, 1866 – October 12, 1903.This book also includes transcriptions of letters dated from 1873. All entries are handwritten. It should be noted that the first person to take minutes in this book had exceptional handwriting and artistic talent as exemplified by the illustrations of the seals which were on the transcribed letters and the immaculate penmanship throughout., 1866-1903 1.2 A hardcover minute book dated from November 9, 1903 – October 5, 1925. All entries in this book are handwritten and some of the pages include notes which have been glued onto them. Two loose notes have been attached to their appropriate pages., 1903-1925 1.3 A hardcover minute book dated from November 2, 1925 – May 1, 1944. This book is also handwritten and contains many items which have been glued to the pages. These items include newspaper clippings and letters. A number of loose items have been attached to their appropriate pages these include: death notices, newspaper clippings and letters. At the back of this book all of the Preceptors of Plantagenet Preceptory no.8 from 1866 to 1966 have been listed., 1925-1944, n.d. Series II. Tyler’s Register, 1899 – 1906 1.4 This hardcover book includes entries from April 10, 1899 to January 8, 1906. The registry is organized according to officers, members and visitors.
    • Miriam Currie’s Photo Album of Mississauga Beach, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 1920-1938.

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-20)
      An album of photographs taken at Mississauga Beach, Niagara-on-the-Lake. The album belonged to Miriam Currie. The photos are dated from 1920 to 1938. The album contains 125 photographs, mostly featuring members of the Currie family at the cottage, including Miriam, her parents, [sister] Eleanor, her grandfather, and Aunt Lill. There is also a Christmas card featuring a picture of the Currie family, and a brochure for “Swiss Chalet”, a small resort on Mississauga Beach, Niagara-on-the-Lake. W. F. Currie is listed as the proprietor. A photograph of a residence in Niagara Falls is included. It appears to be the Currie family home at 1184 Third Ave. Some photographs feature people other than the Curries, many of whom were likely resort staff or guests. Names include the Hind children; Doris Weatherbe; Agnes Richmond; Ruth Dixon; Marion Smith; Dennis Miller, Betty Kay; Patty, Freddy and Foster Parmelee; Robert & Elsie Cook; Lillian Howell (dietitian); Anne Culp (dietitian); Caroline and Kathryn Williams; Caroline and Betty Vrandenburg; Barbara Williams; Shirley Phemister; Helen Goodrow Aldershot (dietitian); Martha Fulton; Helen Hulet; Bobby Del Vaccio; Bonnie Moyer; Paul McIntyre; Jean Bayard; Mrs. Lamkin; Mrs. Cogswell; the Knowltons; Olive Elwood; Betty Clark; George Fuller; Jane Edwards; and Gordon Martin.
    • More Menial than Housemaids? Racialized and Gendered Labour in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry of Canada’s Niagara Region, 1880-1945

      Cameron, Chantal (2017-09-14)
      An article by Carmela Patrias entitled More Menial than Housemaids? Racialized and Gendered Labour in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry of Canada’s Niagara Region, 1880-1945.
    • Morris Norman collection, 1863-1971, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2015-02)
      This collection contains a variety of materials on different subjects. The main subject areas are Coca-Cola; the history and portrayal of black people in the 19th and 20th centuries; Canadian bank calendars; and general advertisements. Materials include training guides, advertisements, music scores, magazines, dolls (golliwogs) and calendars.
    • Mueller Service Pipe and Fittings demonstration photograph, 1926

      Williams, Edie (2011-02)
      1 b&w photograph (20 x 24 cm) mounted on matte board (26 x 31 cm)
    • Musical Convention program, Methodist Church, Canboro, 1901

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-30)
      A program for a musical convention held in the Methodist Church in Canboro on February 5-8, 1901. The convention was directed by Mr. M.O. Merritt and Miss Mildred Snyder was the pianist. The program notes that “the object of this Convention is to develop love for vocal music, and by means of general chorus drill give young people a course in singing, and thus enhance the interest in congregational singing”. A list of fees is included, as well as the names of the committee of management and members of the billeting and entertaining committee.
    • "My dear sis & bro" letter, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      1 undated letter, 2 leaves ; 18 x 23 cm or smaller.
    • N.R. [Newton Ross] Teeft account book, 1900-1903

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
      An account book belonging to N.R. [Newton Ross] Teeft of Canboro. The first part of the book (pages 1-92) records expenses paid for drilling wells. Expenses were recorded for drilling in Caledonia, Dunnville, Forks Road, Marshville, Wellandport, Waterford, South Cayuga, and Moulton. Clients include the Moulton Gas Company and the Citizen’s Gas Company of Dunnville. The second part of the book (pages 100-147) records the hours worked by employees. The third part of the book (pages 150-163) records wages paid to employees. On page 175, the title reads “Debts to Condon & Marshall, from Nov. 29 1901”. Six black and white photographs of drilling rigs are also included. Some of the photographs are labelled in light pencil on the reverse “drilled ½ mile… Wellandport, November 2, 1903”.
    • Nathan Ford fonds, 1792-1903, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-05-12)
      Fonds mostly consists of correspondence written by, or to, Nathan Ford. Much of the correspondence concerns the War of 1812, especially the events around Ogdensburg. A significant part of the fonds concerns Ford’s claim for damages and losses incurred during the war. Reference is sometimes made to claims for damages in Niagara. Several letters to the editor are included which comment on the war and on some of the events that occurred in Niagara, such as the burning of Newark. Isaac Brock is mentioned in another of Ford’s letters. Also includes some information on the Jones family history. There are also several letters to the editor concerning tensions between France and the United States around 1797.
    • Negatives of Port Dalhousie and Port Weller, 1946-1959 (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2019-08-01)
      Thirteen 10 cm. x 5 cm. black and white negatives
    • Nelles Family collection

      The textual materials of the Nelles Family includes account books, clippings, correspondence, diaries, militia records, and various other materials that document the activities of this family. The bulk of the collection consists of photocopies acquired through donation and from other repositories.
    • New England and Canadian Trip, 1952

      Adams, Anne (2018-02-13)
      This is a combined journal and photograph album of a trip that was taken through New England and Canada from September 8 to September 21, 1952. The journal consists of 10 original typewritten pages and eighty one 8 ½ x 9 cm. black and white photos. Also included are 24 coloured postcards, a 25 x 20 cm. black and white photograph and a chart of where the couple stopped and how much they spent.
    • Niagara aerial photographs, 1921-1991, undated

      Cameron, Chantal (2013-10-08)
      This collection contains 129 aerial photographs of the Niagara region. The dates vary from 1921-1991, with some photos undated. Some of the areas covered include the Welland Canal, the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), Niagara Falls, the Short Hills, and St. Catharines. Most of the photos are black and white.
    • Niagara and Detroit Rivers Railroad circular, 1850

      Williams, Edie (2010-04)
      One circular, addressed to Jacob Dewitt [De Witt] Esq, M.P.P. Toronto
    • Niagara area coloured prints collection, 1833-1850, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-11)
      The collection consists of three prints featuring coloured illustrations of the Niagara area. Two of the prints feature illustrations of Niagara Falls and one of the Upper Canada Agricultural Association Exhibition at Niagara. The first print of Niagara Falls features the Horseshoe Falls and is dated 1833. The picture is titled “Cataracte (Chute du Niagara)”. Below the title “E.Guerin dir” is written. The second print features the American and Horseshoe Falls from Prospect Point. It is taken from a publication, and there is text written on the reverse side and below the print, about Niagara Falls. The text at the top of the page reads “Scenes in Many Lands”, and on the reverse “Voyages and Travels”. There is no date. The third print features an illustration of the Upper Canada Agricultural Association Exhibition at Niagara. There is an accompanying article on the Exhibition. The clipping is taken from The Illustrated London News, with a handwritten date of December 14, 1850. The sketch is by Mr. G.F. Price of Toronto, and shows the Exhibition ground with part of the town of Niagara in the distance.
    • Niagara Bruce Trail Club Fonds, 1962-2014, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2012-09-07)
      The Niagara Bruce Trail Fonds contains consists of administrative records, minutes, clippings and photographs for The Niagara Bruce Trail Club. The original order has been maintained where possible and where no order existed like records were brought together. Some of the series are divided into sub-series based on subject matter or record format. The contents of the scrapbooks and clippings were duplicated within the collection and filed according to material type. The fifth edition (1969) of the Bruce Trail Guide Book is water damaged and missing ½ of the front cover.