• Barnes Wines Fonds

      Adams, Anne (2012-11-07)
      Minute books and Stock books from Barnes Wines Limited. In 1873 George Barnes, Andrew Skinner, James Skinner, John Young Reid, Charles Robert Murray, George Magan, Thomas Barnes and Robert Duncan applied for, and received a charter for a commercial winery which would be called The Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company Limited. It opened in 1894 and became known as Barnes Wines Limited. In 1973 the company completed a merger with Reckitt and Coleman (Canada) Limited. The winery operated until 1988 and was located on the banks of the old Welland Canal in St. Catharines, Ontario. The company produced a complete line of table wines, dessert wines, sherries, ports, and both crackling and sparkling wines.
    • Base Company, 81st Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, ca. 1916 [photograph]

      Cameron, Chantal (2017-08-03)
      A black and white panoramic photograph of the Base Company of the 81st Overseas Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force commanded by Lieut. H.M. Sampson. The photograph was taken sometime before they embarked for Britain on April 28, 1916. Many men in the battalion were from the Niagara Region and had served with the 19th Lincoln (later the Lincoln and Welland) Regiment. A list of the Officers of the 81st Battalion was published in the Toronto Daily Star on January 22, 1916. The names include Lt. Col. P. Belson; Major A. Cowan; Capt. D. Borland; Lt. R. Hill; Capt. T. Tomlinson; Lt. G. Lawrence; Capt. W.L. Archer; Lt. J.A. House; Capt. S.A. Dyke; Capt. G. Sampson; Capt. A. McKinley; Capt. E. Wright; Capt. J.I. Grover; Capt. G.M. Orr; Lt. G.M. West; Lt. E.D. Hanna; Lt. J.A. McCaraus; Lt. R.V. Walker; Capt. O.C. Withrow; Lt. A. McCormick; Lt. G.F. Stupart; Lt. K.C. Brooks; Lt. MacKendrick; Lt. H.A. Blake; Lt. A.J. Ogden; Lt. H.E. Moore; Lt. L.B. Kirkhouse; Lt. M.C. Wallace; Lt. G.F. Dimock; Lt. G.H. Elwell; and Lt. J.F. McLaren.
    • Battlefield House flyer, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2013-04-22)
      1 double-sided information sheet entitled “Battlefield House, Stoney Creek, Ontario” which contains information on Battlefield House and its origins.
    • Beamsville Baptist Church papers, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
      1 cm of textual material in typewritten format.
    • Ben Babelowsky Niagara print series, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2017-08-09)
      Contains 12 colour prints of Niagara scenery by Ben Babelowsky. Titles of the prints include Springtime, Upper Ball’s Falls near St. Catharines; DeCew Falls, St. Catharines; Winter in Niagara Wine Country along Lakeshore Road; Front Street from the Michigan side, Port Dalhousie; Market Square, St. Catharines; Georgian Bay leaving number two lock, Welland Canal; Niagara-on-the-Lake; Mackenzie House, Queenston in spring; “Maid of the Mist” below Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls; Rainy day at old Fort Erie; “Outarde” of Q & O Lines at Robin Hood Mills, Port Colborne; and Main Street Lift Bridge, Welland.
    • Benjamin Woodruff Price Papers, 1851, 1853-1860, 1862-1863, 1874, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2011-05-19)
      The papers of Benjamin Woodruff Price includes correspondence received as well as a few copies of correspondence sent. Letter writers include close family members as well as distant cousins. Also included are some business correspondence related to Price’s activities as a jeweler and watchmaker in Beamsville and Fonthill.
    • Bettelheim, Tinbergen and Hall fonds, 1972-1981

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-09-29)
      Fonds contains correspondence, an autobiographical statement by Nikolaas Tinbergen, and three inscribed presentation copies of books by Bettelheim or Tinbergen that were given to Hall. Elizabeth Hall was a managing editor of Psychology Today and was acquainted with Oxford ethologist Nikolaas Tinbergen and psychologist Bruno Bettelheim. Tinbergen refers to his work with autistic children in his autobiographical statement and some of his correspondence. Several letters also refer to Tinbergen’s relationship with his colleague and friend Konrad Lorenz. The two friends were on opposing sides during World War II, with Lorenz associating with the Nazis and Tinbergen detained in a concentration camp in the Netherlands. The three books included are The Empty Fortress: Infantile Autism and the Birth of the Self by Bruno Bettelheim; Surviving and other Essays by Bruno Bettelheim; and The Herring Gull’s World by Nikolaas Tinbergen. Each book is inscribed by the author.
    • Billy Bishop Biography Fonds, 1987-1989

      Adams, Anne (2016-06-27)
      5 cm. (3 files) containing correspondence and clippings pertaining to Billy Bishop
    • Bishop Fuller’s Charge, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
      1 printed poem ; 29 x 11 cm
    • Blenkhorn and Sawle Fonds, 1946-1961, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2016-04-15)
      The company was founded in 1948 by H.C. Blenkhorn and Ross T. Sawle who were both professional engineers. The company’s main operating divisions were electrical construction and maintenance, engineering and estimating, electrical equipment repair and rebuilding and air conditioning. They are located on Grantham Avenue in St. Catharines.
    • Blueprints for Municipal Arena, City of St. Catharines, 1938.

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-12-19)
      A set of blueprints for the Garden City hockey arena in the City of St. Catharines, 1938. There are 10 pages of blueprints which provide detailed plans for ticket booths; north, south, west and east exteriors; main doors; refreshment booth; foundation plan; ground floor plan; seating plan; roof plan; and structural steel plan. The blueprints were prepared by S.M. Peterkin Co. Ltd. of Toronto.
    • Boase family fonds, 1915-1919, 1961, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2016-12-07)
      Contains documents relating to the military service of Heward Carl and Oswald Boase during World War I, including letters, photocopied attestation papers and military records, transcript of a war diary and a photograph.
    • Bonna E.G. Rouse prints collection, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2017-08-02)
      The collection contains 5 black and white prints of sketches of Niagara area landmarks by Bonna E.G. Rouse. The sketches include the Secord Cabin at Ball’s Falls; the Spanish Aerocar in Niagara Falls; the Ontario Hydro Floral Clock in Queenston; the Laura Secord homestead in Queenston; and the St. Catharines Public Library.
    • Boomer Family Business Fonds, 1830-1900, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2018-07-05)
      The textual materials of the Boomer Family Business fonds includes clerical records, legal documents, receipts and various other materials that document the activities of the family.
    • Bowslaugh Family fonds, 1860-1861, 1868, 1876-1877, 1880-1882, 1886-1890, 1892-1893, 1895, 1898-1899, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-15)
      Fonds consists of diaries and account books kept by Edward, James and an unknown member of the Bowslaugh family. Various invoices, newspaper clippings, correspondence and other papers found in the journals and account book are also included.
    • Bradley Institute of Music fonds

      Adams, Anne (2011-09-21)
      These are the archival records of the Bradley Institute of Music that operated out of Niagara Falls, Ontario from 1930 to 2008. The bulk of the materials consist of writings by Harold Bradley and Grace Barnes. These works focus on the philosophy, history and science of the Institute. In instances where formal titles for their writing are non-existent, the first line of the page becomes the folder title. The collection also contains programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs and items from The Bradley Institute. The fonds contain information on Isidor Philipp, a world-renowned piano authority who co-founded the school with Harold Bradley; Grace Barnes, a concert pianist who was in charge of the preschool classes; Norman Gibson who made music easier to understand by writing A Chronological System of Music Notations, and John Pierce Langs.
    • Bradt family fonds, 1796-1976

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-11-28)
      Fonds contains material about the Bradt and Hansler families. The Bradt family were United Empire Loyalists from the Mohawk River Valley of New York State who settled in the Niagara peninsula. Material concerning the Hansler family is also included. The Bradt and Hansler familes were related by marriage. Material includes correspondence, notebooks, genealogical material, and an album containing locks of hair of Bradt family members.
    • Bradt family fonds, 1817-1923, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2017-01-13)
      Fonds contains material about the Bradt family. Material concerning the Clark family, including James Clark (clerk of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada from 1793-1806) and his children Jane and James are also included. The Bradt and Clark families were related by marriage. Peter Bradt II married Jane Clark in 1827. The bulk of the fonds consists of written post cards and correspondence. There are 59 post cards and 26 letters. The majority of the letters are addressed to Peter Bradt (II), and his wife Jane Bradt. Most of the post cards are addressed to Peter Bradt (III). Other materials include invoices, receipts, promissory notes, certificates, booklets, broadsides, calling cards and photographs. The material within each series is arranged in chronological order.
    • Bright’s Wines Limited fonds, 1983-1989

      Goul, Jen (2010-11-04)
      The fonds contains materials relating to Bright’s Wines, from 1983-1989. The materials included are meeting minutes, annual reports, media releases and correspondence and some photographs, many of which are part of media releases. Folders are arranged alphabetically within each series. The series are arranged alphabetically.