• Great Lakes Forest Products Fonds, 1980-1988

      Adams, Anne (2016-08-12)
      12 cm, (1/2 box) containing correspondence, press releases and annual reports pertaining to Great Lakes Forest Products
    • Great Lakes Waterways Development Association

      Goul, Jen & Anne Adams (2010-11-09)
      This archive contains materials relating to the Great Lakes Waterways Development Association. The collection contains correspondence, clippings, biographical materials, media releases, presentations and publications. The bulk of the materials are correspondence.
    • Great Western Railway Map, 1881

      Adams, Anne (2018-04-04)
      One 40 cm. x 61 cm. map of the line from Detroit to Boston
    • Griffiths/Cunningham Family Fonds, 1667-2013, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2021-04-27)
      Family records comprised of correspondence, clippings, photographs, postcards and other items pertaining to the Griffiths and Cunningham Families.
    • Grimsby Cash Book

      Goul, Jen (2007-10)
      39.5cm x 26cm. Brown hardcover book with black spine and edges
    • Gwladys Cunningham fonds, 1933-1934, 1940, 1942-1968, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-21)
      Fonds consists of minutes, publications, scrapbooks and records of the activities of the Thorold Branch of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The fonds was in the possession of Gwladys Cunningham until they were donated to Brock University Archives.
    • Hansler family fonds, 1792-1952, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2016-05-26)
      Fonds consists of account books, six photographs, a widow's brooch, legal documents, a saddle bag and a horse brush.
    • Harshaw, John, 1847-1928

      Williams, Edie (2010-10)
      1 account book ; brown hard cover inscribed “ S.E. Ledger” in good condition ; 31 x 19 cm.
    • Henley Bridge blueprints, 1939 [photocopies]

      Cameron, Chantal (2015-02-23)
      Four pages of photocopied blueprints of the Henley Bridge on the Queen Elizabeth Way in St. Catharines, Ontario. A note below the title indicates the bridge was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on June 7, 1939. Three of the pages are part of the same blueprint and can be fit together to recreate the complete blueprint. The remaining page is an incomplete blueprint drawn by William Lyon Somerville, Architect, and dated March 24, 1939.
    • Henry Hope & Sons of Canada Ltd. Letter, 1916

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-21)
      1 letter
    • Historical Atlas of the Counties of Lincoln and Welland leaflet

      Williams, Edie (2011-04)
      1 printed and folded leaflet; 21 x 26 cm.
    • Honourable Robert S.K. Welch Fonds, 1969-1989, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2016-05-19)
      15 cm. (1/2 box) containing correspondence and promotional material, 2 b&w photos, 46 col. photos
    • Horse Breeders Association of the County of Welland Letters Patent, 1882

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
      Letters Patent of the Horse Breeders Association of the County of Welland. Consists of four pages attached by a blue paper seal with ribbons in the upper left corner. Founding members include Joseph Garner of Pelham; John Alexander Ramsden of Humberstone; Neville Bentley Colcock of Welland; Menno Simon Beam of Willoughby; and Charles Sherk of Humberstone. It is stated that the Association is for “the purchase, sale, breeding, keeping and travelling of thoroughbred or other horses entire or otherwise” The Association was based in the Town of Welland. Capital stock of the Association was $3000 and there were 150 shares. The document includes the signatures of John Assher, Deputy Registrar; Oliver Mowat, Attorney-General; and John Beverly Robinson, Lieut. General.
    • Horton Family collection, 1912, 1919, 1924, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-21)
      The Horton Family collection includes various items collected by the William and Winifred (Smith) Horton family of St. Catharines, Ont. Items were donated to Brock University Archives in 2006, with further accruals at a later date.
    • Hugh Alexander Papers, 1811-1816 [photocopy]

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-21)
      5 cm of textual material
    • Humberstone Shoe Company Limited Minute Book

      Goul, Jen (2010-09-21)
      9.5” x 11.5”. Black hardcover book, burgundy spine and corners. Some of the cover is beginning to peel off. The book has inscribed on the front in gold letters “The Humberstone Shoe Company Limited Minute Book”. The book also has a taped on typed label “The Humberstone Shoe Co. Ltd. Director’s Minutes”. Book has metal binding. Was made by the McMillan Book Co. of Syracuse, NY.
    • Hunt’s Map of Niagara Falls and Chippawa, ca. 1954-1971

      Williams, Edie (2011-01)
      4 maps ; 43 x 62 cm
    • Hydro Electric Commission of Niagara Falls Ontario Scrapbook, 1936-1939, 1943-1951

      Adams, Anne (2012-11-07)
      1 Scrapbook divided into 2 sections. Each section contains clippings. The first half of the scrapbook contains clippings which range from 1936 – 1942. The second half of the book also contains clippings. These clippings feature stories about: 1936 – Information about bondholders 1946 – Critical power shortages which last until 1950 1947 – Conversion to 60-cycle is urged 1948 – Local industries are badly crippled by a lack of power 1949 – Announcement of construction of a plant on the lower Niagara River to start as soon as a treaty is signed. 1950 - Power treaty is announced which will double the output of Niagara power 1951 – 60 cycle power is made available in Niagara Falls on July 6th, 1951 - A second tunnel for hydro power might be started in the autumn of 1951 at Sir Adam Beck Generating Station no. 2
    • Hydro Electric Commission of Ontario Scrapbook, 1912, 1914, 1917-1923, 1953, 2010, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2017-02-14)
      1 26 cm. x 29 cm. scrapbook in an unmarked canvas cover. The scrapbook is divided into chapters. The book contains 32 b&w photos. The book contains chapters about motors, tools and electrical apparatus etc.