• Donald Ziraldo Fonds, 1968-2012, n.d.

      Snider, Lisa (2014-02-12)
      The fonds contains materials relating primarily to Donald Ziraldo from 1968 to 2012 (non inclusive). The bulk of the materials include: correspondence, presentations, reports, award information, operation, meeting minutes, advertising and promotional records. Most of the materials were received in folders, while others were loose in boxes. All materials in the folders were kept together to echo the creator’s original order. If the original folders were titled, these original titles were used as much as possible. If the titles were changed substantially, then this was noted in the appropriate Sub Series sections. There may be some folders with repetitive titles because of the original creator titles. All spelling in this document were taken from the records, even if another spelling was suspected. Thus, there may be variations on the spelling. There were areas where handwriting could not be deciphered, and if this was the case then a question mark in brackets (?) was appended to the word or phrase in question. If abbreviations were present in the materials, then the finding aid retained this abbreviation. Correspondence was described as original or noted as a copy or fax where possible.
    • Dorothy Rungeling fonds, 1887-2018, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-10-08)
      Fonds contains material about the life and activities of Dorothy Rungeling. There is also material about Dorothy’s adoptive mother, the poet Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald. This includes books and other material written by Ethelwyn, as well as material about her life. There are also some books and genealogical information about the Rungeling (Ringling) family, of the Ringling family circus. Most of the material is books, scrapbooks, news clippings, correspondence, and certificates.
    • Dr. A. Leon Hatzan letters,1926, 1932-1940, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-20)
      The fonds consists of correspondence addressed to A. Leon Hatzan and occasionally to his wife, Ada.
    • Dr. Augustus L. Jukes portrait and biography

      Williams, Edie (2011-03)
      1 b&w photograph 18 x 13 cm.
    • Dr. Frederick C. Drake Papers

      Jen Goul; Anne Adams (2009-08-14)
    • Dr. Stuart D. Scott Papers, 1837-2010 (non-inclusive)

      Cavanagh, Sarah (2013-05-15)
      Collection of materials from Canada, the United States, England and Australia related to research on Americans and Canadians exiled to the penal colony in Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land) in the 1840s as a result of their involvement in the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837-38; includes books, archival materials (photocopies), dissertations, maps, and pictures.
    • Dr. W.E. Hurlburt fonds, 1930-1951, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-15)
      Fonds consists of correspondence accumulated by Dr. W.E. Hurlburt during his life and career as an ornithologist.
    • Draft Mechanics Resolution, ca. 1836

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-20)
      1 resolution
    • E.O. Graham, nurseryman, planting guide leaflets collection, ca. 1900.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-08)
      Consists of three planting guide leaflets, ca. 1900, by E.O. Graham, nurseryman, of Rochester, N.Y. and Toronto, Ont. One leaflet is titled "Advantages of obtaining stock in the Fall and how to take care of it", another is titled "Fall planting", and the last is "Transplanting Directions". Two of the leaflets have "Pelham Nurseries" printed before the title.
    • Early Canada Postal History Collection, 1946-2001, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2020-02-26)
      The collection is related to the Alexander Hamilton/Early Canada Postal Collection (RG 699). It includes an inventory of some of the correspondence contained in that collection, an article about the collection written by Percy Band and published in The American Philatelist, and general information about Canadian stampless covers and postmarks, the postal history of Canada, and Alexander Hamilton.
    • Eastham-Leinour Indenture, 1830

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-20)
      1 indenture dated 6 August 1830 between Thomas Eastham of the Village of Queenston and James Leinour of Niagara Township, a black man, for Pt. Lot No. 94, Township of Niagara.
    • Edward E. Mitchelson fonds

      Williams, Edie (2016-07-27)
      The fonds consists of records accumulated by Edward E. Mitchelson during his time as secretary/treasurer at Brock University and later as a member of the Commission on Property Tax Reform in Ontario. Fonds consists mainly of correspondence, minutes, reports and briefs, submissions and presentations on property tax reform for numerous cities in Ontario. Also included are summaries of meetings and several published summaries and reports.
    • Edward Mirynech fonds, 1913-1914, 1946, 1952-1957, 1959-1960, 1965-1982, n.d.

      ; Williams, Edie (2010-09-20)
      The fonds consists of clippings, correspondence, photographs and reports created by and/or for Dr. Edward Mirynech, a professor of geology, Brock University. The fonds were donated to Brock University Archives in 2005.
    • Eleanor Ostrander Land Grant, 1801

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-20)
      1 land grant
    • Electrical Development Company of Ontario certificate of stock ownership, ca. 1910.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-08)
      A blank certificate of stock ownerhsip in the Electrical Development Company of Ontario, ca. 1910.
    • Elisha B. Sherwood letter, February 26, 1845

      Cameron, Chantal (2015-07-15)
      A letter written by Elisha B. Sherwood, dated at Middleport, February 26, 1845. The letter is addressed to Doct. Willis M. Sherwood, Stricklands Depot, Duplin Co., North Carolina. The letter is signed Elisha B. S. Elisha Sherwood and Willis Sherwood were brothers. In the letter, Elisha inquires about the health of his brother and sister-in-law Charlotte, writing “I hope these months have brought a change in your health and that you have obtained a receipt in full and are discharged from all demands of the farmer and ague…and that she [Charlotte] will find her dropsical habit not permanently seated upon her constitution”. He also makes reference to Willis’ desire to move north, writing “the prejudice that you feel operating against you because you are a northern man must be somewhat keenly felt by one of your…temperament….I see no reason why Charlotte should be unwilling to return to the North if it is a…fact that both of [you are] suffering in health and your constitutions are such that do not stand the climate of North Carolina.” Elisha continues to write that he has made inquiries on Willis’ behalf about employment as a doctor in the north. He writes that “I have seen Doct. Failing and enquired his terms upon which he would receive a partner. He is indefinite and says that could not be settled till he should see you.” He continues that “There is a grand opening for a physician in Niagara District Canada West about twenty five miles west of the Falls…There is no Doct. on the ground. I spent some ten days in Canada…and think there is a fine chance for “Yankee” enterprise”.
    • Elliott Wynn fonds, 1893, 1928, 1944-1945

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-02)
      The fonds consists of correspondence, legal documents, a land survey, and newspaper clipping. All items are related to a land dispute concerning lots 15 and 16 in the Township of Niagara, in the County of Lincoln, fronting on the Niagara River at Queenston. This land had been owned by the Wynn family at the time of the dispute.
    • Erie & Niagara Railway Collection, 1864-1884

      Cameron, Chantal (2013-11-08)
      The collection includes 2 letters written by William A. Thomson, a letter addressed to William Thomson by Macalester, a letter written by Lavinia Thomson, and a sheet of 40 Erie & Niagara Railway Company bonds.
    • Estee Klar fonds, 2005-2014

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-04-01)
      Fonds consists of printed entries of Estee Klar’s blog about her experiences in parenting an autistic child. Two DVDs of video clips contained in the blog is also included. The original blog was known as the Joy of Autism and contained entries from 2005-2008. In 2008, the blog was renamed and the domain name changed to http://www.esteeklar.com. An inventory of blog entries is included with the pdf finding aid.
    • Estelle Cuffe Hawley fonds, 1852-1999, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-06-05)
      Fonds contains material relating to the careers and activities of Estelle Cuffe Hawley. Most of the materials are Estelle’s writing, including short stories, poetry, memoir and speeches. Other materials include correspondence, news clippings, family documents, photographs and audiotape reels and cassettes.