• Sawney's letters, or, Cariboo rhymes, from 1864 to 1868

      Williams, Edie (2010-03)
      One sheet, folded in half, printed on both sides.
    • Scholfield-Galbraith family fonds, 1865-1924

      Cameron, Chantal; Williams, Edie (2010-10-04)
      Fonds consists of records concerning the Scholfield and Galbraith families of Dunnville, Ont. Fonds includes land deeds, mortgages, wills and quit claim deeds. Fonds also includes some correspondence and financial statements, as well as commissions and an oath of office for Thomas J. Galbraith.
    • School Board report, Bertie Township, January 13, 1848

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-03-25)
      A school board report dated at Bertie, January 13, 1848, and signed by Thomas Dirken. The report is addressed to D. Deverardo, Supt C, School, Niagara District, Fonthill, Pelham P.O. The report indicates that John Moore, William P. Willson and Charles Hill were chosen as School Trustees for the Township of Bertie on January 11, 1848. The letter is postmarked and each postmark has a handwritten date. The postmarks include Port Colborne, Pelham, Port Robinson and Port Abino.
    • Schram Family of Wainfleet Township documents, 1839-1901 (not inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2013-06-13)
      Collection includes: 27 documents including mortgages and deeds. Most of the land is situated in the 5th concession, Wainfleet, Ontario.
    • Scott Misener Steamships Co. Ltd. Records, 1965, 1967, 1972-1977, 1987, n.d.

      Goul, Jen (2009-08-14)
      This archive is a part of the larger Ontario Editorial Bureau fonds (OEB) housed at Brock University. The bulk of the collection is correspondence relating to the Scott Misener Steamship Co. Ltd. Publications and Speeches were also retained. Fonds contain materials related to the rise and eventual dissolving of the Misener Steamship Company. The collection is arranged chronologically by year within each series. Series I, Correspondence contains typed and handwritten letters, clippings, media releases and photographs. Series II, Public Relations, contains any materials that were made available to the public; including publications and speeches and addresses.
    • Scottish Rite (Masonic Order) French Language Collection, 1787-1825, 1907, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2015-01-27)
      This collection contains materials relating to freemasonry. All of the material is written in French. The collection consists of 19 books as well as conference papers, a letter, a leaflet and some other papers. The bulk of the material relates to the Scottish Rite Order and the Grand Orient de France.
    • Seagram Museum Collection

      Adams, Anne (2014-02-13)
      Fonds consists of 26 boxes of materials including: textual material,9980 col. slides, 1345 col. photos, 20 b&w photos, 11,067 col. negatives, 105 b&w negatives, 4 b&w contact sheets, 66 col. postcards, 20 b&w postcards, 1 game, 4 coins and 1 bank note.
    • Sean O'Sullivan fonds

      Cameron, Chantal (2013-04-24)
      Fonds primarily contains material relating to Sean O’Sullivan’s career as a Member of Parliament for the riding of Hamilton-Wentworth from 1972-1977. The fonds consists mostly of correspondence to and from constituents and colleagues during this period, but also contains other materials such as speeches, photographs, news clippings, and correspondence between Sean O’Sullivan and John Diefenbaker from 1965-1972.
    • Seburn Family Fonds, 1757-1936, n.d. (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2017-12-07)
      31 cm. (1 small and 2 oversize boxes) of textual records 113 b&w photos 10 tintypes 2 daguerreotypes 1 wooden stamp
    • Ship canal. Ottawa versus the Trent. [letter], 1863.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-02)
      One published letter addressed to the Hon. Sidney Smith, M.L.C., Quebec from W.S. Conger, dated April 6, 1863, Peterborough. The headline reads: Ship Canal. Ottawa versus the Trent. This letter contains reprinted portions of a letter that W.S. Conger wrote in March 1858 to the Hon. Charles Alleyn, then Commissioner of Public Works.
    • Shirley Carr fonds, 1969-2000

      Cameron, Chantal (2019-04-05)
      The fonds consists of material related to Shirley Carr’s work as President of the Canadian Labour Congress from 1986 to 1992. Materials include minutes, correspondence, presentations, notes, addresses, and reports. Much of the material concerns the Canadian Constitution.
    • Singers Corners Women’s Institute Fonds

      Williams, Edie (2009-11)
      11 cm of textual material 19 b&w photographs 58 col. photographs
    • Sir Edward Beatty Historical Plaque Fonds, 1935, 1943, 1989

      Adams, Anne (2016-06-10)
      2 cm. (2 files) containing correspondence and clippings.
    • Sir Isaac Brock Facial Reconstruction Project, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2013-04-22)
      A series of 8 sketches from the Sir Isaac Brock Facial Reconstruction Project - These include: Tracing of Gerrit Schipper miniature portrait The craniolateral view of average Caucasian male skull Craniolateral view of adjusted Caucasian skull to align with Schipper portrait Craniolateral view of average Caucasian male skull over Schipper portrait Craniolateral view of adjusted Caucasian skull over Schipper portrait Craniofrontal view of average Caucasian male skull Craniofrontal view unadjusted over craniofrontal and craniolateral adjusted views over Schipper portrait Craniofrontal view with adjustments to mandible. Proposed skull of Brock. A biographical page on Christian Cardell Corbet is also included.
    • Sketch of DeCew House, DeCew Falls, Ontario, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-05)
      1 sketch [reproduction] ; 22 X 31 cm.
    • So-Ed Y.M.C.A. Niagara Falls program, 1956

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      1 program ; 23 x 16 cm
    • The Social Assistance Reform Network of Niagara (SARNN) fonds, 1989-2020, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2017-05-19)
      Fonds contains material about the activities of the Social Assistance Reform Network of Niagara (SARNN), as well as its predecessors, the Social Assistance Reform Committee (SARC) and the Social Assistance Advisory Committee (SAAC). Most of the material consists of meeting minutes, briefs, reports, correspondence and news articles.
    • Some Incidents and Circumstances Written by William F. Haile in the Course of his Life, 1859

      Adams, Anne (2016)
      Memoir written by William Frederick Haile about his life, in particular, his experiences in the War of 1812.
    • A Souvenir History of Your Fire Department, 1950

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      1 printed program ; 23 x 16 cm