• R. H. Smith Company Limited invoice, 1906

      Williams, Edie (2011-04)
      1 invoice, 19 x 21 cm.
    • Radiant Healing Centre fonds, n.d.

      Adams, Anne; (2017-03-13)
      Two 23 cm. x 19 cm. notebooks with handwritten entries and papers from the Radiant Healing Centre. Also included are 7 printed sheets.
    • Railway and Steamship discount certificates for the Freemasons, 1876

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-29)
      A leaflet titled “Particulars of Arrangements with Railways & c.” that contains information about discounted rates available to Freemasons travelling to attend the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Canada in Ottawa on July 12, 1876. The pages are perforated horizontally into five sections, each containing a discount certificate entitling the holder to a discounted fare. There are discount certificates for Grand Trunk Railway and its branches; Great Western Railway and its branches; Canada Southern Railway; Canada Central and Brockville and Ottawa Railway; the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company; St. Lawrence & Ottawa Railway; Midland Railway of Canada; Union Forwarding Company; and Ottawa River Navigation Company.
    • Rebellions of 1837-1838 Newspaper Collection, 1838

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-04-19)
      The collection contains American and British newspapers published around the time of the Upper and Lower Canada rebellions in 1837-1838. Many of the issues report on the events of the rebellions. Relevant news items from each issue have been described, with special attention to events that occurred in Niagara. Other articles of local interest concerning the War of 1812 or Welland Canal have also been noted.
    • Recipe fragment, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      1 handwritten recipe fragment ; 9 x 12 cm.
    • Recreational Development and the Lake Erie Shore Photographs,1967

      Goul, Jen (2010-11-01)
      Fonds contains photographs related to the publication Recreational Development and the Lake Erie Shore. The photographs have been arranged to correspond with the page on which they appear in the book. Pages are marked as the page before the actual photographs, as the pages containing photographs are not numbered. Photographs from pages 43 and 225 are missing. Also some miscellaneous photographs and negatives are included.
    • Red Coach Inn wine list, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2010-03)
      1 sheet, folded in half.
    • Register - American Hotel

      Goul, Jen (2007)
      40cm x 28cm. Hardcover brown book in fair condition. The spine has the words register - American Hotel written on it.
    • Registry declaration for the Vessel Lincoln

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-22)
      This registry declaration for the Vessel Lincoln lists James and Alexander Norris of St. Catharines as the ship owners and John Duncanson of Amherstburgh as master mariner. Duncanson was also part owner of the ship. The Lincoln was built in St. Catharines and had one deck and one mast, and measured 131 feet from the fore part of the main stern to the after part of the stern. The document is signed by James Norris, Alexander Norris, John Duncanson and the collector of customs in the port of St. Catharines.
    • Regulations for the keepers of the spiral stairs and grocery at the Table Rock, ca. 1850

      Williams, Edie (2010-04)
      1 handwritten sheet of itemized charges
    • Remarks & c on the Navigation of the Lakes Erie, St. Clair, Huron & Ontario, ca. 1816

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-22)
      Includes an unpublished manuscript report titled Remarks & c on the Navigation of the Lakes Erie, St. Clair, Huron & Ontario by Henry Kent, Lieut., R.N. [Royal Navy]. The document appears to be a guidebook for Great Lakes navigation, with special consideration to naval operations. It describes the various harbours, sheltering places, and British and American military and naval establishments on the Great Lakes during the early 19th century. There are numerous references to naval operations on the great Lakes during the War of 1812. The document is divided into two parts: “Sailing directions & c for Lakes Erie & Huron” and “Sailing directions for Lake Ontario”. References to Niagara and the War of 1812 are included in the document. Kent writes that “the Welland River or Chippewa Creek is situated about a mile and a half above the Falls on the Niagara River and from the mouth of it being a military post during the War was considered a secure place for sinking the small Vessels after the Fleet on Lake Erie was captured by the Americans…to this place I was dispatched in 1815…to assist in the construction of two large Schooners, taking 120 Artificers with me and a Guard of Thirty Marines…we lay up the Keels and on the [ ] of August launched them, the one names Tecumseh and the Newash & former I obtained command of”. He also mentions Black Rock, Fort Erie, and Snake Hill. Also includes a letter by William Robins of the United States Navy to Lt. Silas Duncan of the United States Navy, dated at Kingston, Upper Canada, August 2, 1819. The letter concerns Henry Kent. The writer states that “this will be handed by Lieutenant Henry Kent of his Majesty’s Navy. Permit me to say that his general deportment to our Countrymen has given him a sincere reception by the Navy Officers on the station at Sackett’s Harbour where I am at present Station’d. The very marked politeness I have received through his introduction strongly claims from me a reciprocity—any attention you can render Mr. Kent will be acknowledged by me with true regard and will be esteemed as conferred on myself”.
    • Reminiscences of the early years of Brock University basketball

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-04-13)
      Consists of a 3-page typewritten account of Claude Zorzetto’s experiences with the early years of Brock University’s basketball team. Zorzetto was on the first Brock University basketball team in 1966 and remained on the team until 1970. Also contains several black and white photocopied photographs of the Brock University basketball team and players, including Zorzetto.
    • Report on the Expenditure of the Welland and Burlington Canals, 1830

      Adams, Anne (2013-10-17)
      1 8 page double sided report from a committee which was appointed to inquire into the management and expenditure of the Welland and Burlington Canals
    • Retired Women Teachers of Ontario—St. Catharines branch fonds, 1970-2013.

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-09-24)
      Fonds contains material about the activities of the Retired Women’s Association of Ontario—St. Catharines branch. Most of the material is photographs, annual reports, newsletters, annual programs, membership lists and meeting minutes. Some correspondence and news clippings are also included.
    • Return of Captain Peter Millers Company, 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia assembled in Bertie, Oct. 22 1840 pursuant to a Regimental order

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-22)
      The Return of Captain Peter Millers Company, 3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia is dated at Bertie, Oct. 22, 1840 and records the presence or absence of members of the regiment. Some of the names listed include Capt. Peter Miller, Lieutenant Jacob Miller, Ensign Charles Stanton[?], Sergeant William Bannon, and Privates Arthur Armstrong; Nelson House; Augustus House; Richard Fowler; William Dunn; Robt. Kelly; Matthew Fowler; Michael Fowler; Philip McGrier; Robt. House; Philip McGuiness; John Henry; John Hardison; Bryan Hardisan; Abm. A. Hershey; and George Nettle.
    • A Return of the names of those who have deserted to the enemy from Captain Joshua Adams’ Company since the declaration of War, February 10, 1814

      Cameron, Chantal (2022-03-22)
      The Return lists the names of those who deserted to the enemy from Joshua Adams’ Company, 2nd Regiment Leeds Militia, since the War of 1812 began. It is dated February 10, 1814. Some of the names listed include James Byington; Josiah Smith; Henry Smith; and M. Smith. Also recorded is the number of lots and concessions.
    • Rev. George Salmon letter, 1849

      Williams, Edie (2010-03)
      1 handwritten letter