• J.G. Cadham account book, 1892-1895.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-08)
      Consists of one account book kept by J.G. Cadham, who was the clerk for the Fourth Divisional Court for Welland County, located in Niagara Falls. The entries make reference to various legal documents such as wills and deeds concerning various local residents. The entries begin in January 1892 and end in April 1895.
    • J.H.E. Secretan Scrapbook, 1925-1926

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-30)
      A copy of Canada’s Great Highway: from the first stake to the last spike by J.H.E. Secretan. The book is inscribed “To George Abbott. With love from the author ‘Sec’., Dec./24”. There are news clippings pasted in the front pages reporting the death of J.H.E. Secretan. At the end of the book, a news clipping about retired Canadian Pacific Railway Engineer Dugal (Duke) Mackenzie is included. There are five letters written by the author addressed to George that are pasted throughout the book, dated from March to May, 1925. The letters mostly concern Secretan’s health and financial problems.
    • J.W. Spencer fonds, 1866, 1881-1921

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-02-02)
      Fonds consists mostly of correspondence and offprints of technical publications written by Spencer from various journals. The correspondence includes letters from Charles Walcott, R. R. Gurley, Edward Hull, G. K. Gilbert, J. W. Gregory, J. H. McFarland, E. A. Lancaster, Robert Bell, James Wilson, and G. Frederick Wright.
    • Jacob Hixon tax assessment notice, 1885.

      Williams, Edie (2010-06)
      1 notice 21 x 14 cm
    • James Corbin letter, October 2, 1813

      Cameron, Chantal (2013-05-01)
      A letter from James Corbin of Williamstown, Massachusetts, to Mr. Pliny Moore of Champlain [New York], dated October 2, 1813. The letter refers to Pliny Moore’s desire to employ James Corbin at his mill and James’ difficulty in accommodating this request due to his partnership in running a farm and mill with his brother.
    • James D. Tait Company Limited Fonds, 1890-1939 [non-inclusive]

      Williams, Edie (2012-01-13)
      The James D. Tait Company Limited Fonds consists of account and ledger books, financial statements, tax returns and receipts and estate papers of the late Robert R. Cameron.
    • James Edward Blake Phelps letters, 1919, 1921-1922, 1930.

      Williams, Edie (2010-07)
      6 letters ; 22 x 28 cm or smaller.
    • James Monroe letter of marque, ca. 1812

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-03-25)
      A letter of marque addressed to Captain James Rogers, commander of the boat Retaliation, and signed by James Monroe, secretary of state. Letters of marquee provided legal authority for an armed vessel to capture enemy ships and commit acts which would otherwise constitute piracy. The letter has no date, but was likely created during the War of 1812, and authorizes the Captain to attack and capture enemy vessels.
    • James VI of Scotland Letter, 1579

      Adams, Anne (2012-04-25)
      1 letter signed by, and under the privy seal of King James VI of Scotland, measures 29 ½ x 20 cm.
    • Janet Carnochan letter, 1914

      Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
      One 3 ½ page handwritten letter to Canon Ker from Janet Carnochan.
    • Japanese Canadians in Niagara fonds, 1942-1943, 1945, 1950, 1970, 1978, 1981, 1988, 1991, 1995-1997, 1998, 2002, n.d.

      Williams, Edie (2009-12)
      63 photographs; b&w and col. 25 cm of textual records 24 audio cassettes 1 videocassette (ca. 3 hr.)
    • Jarvis Family fonds, 1789-1847, n.d.

      Cameron, Chantal (2016-05-13)
      Fonds contains material about the Jarvis Family, especially Samuel Peters Jarvis. Some material about his wife Mary Boyles Powell and the Powell family are also included, as well as some documents concerning William Munson Jarvis (brother of Samuel Peters Jarvis) and William Jarvis (father of Samuel Peters Jarvis and William Munson Jarvis). Also contains a letter written to Mary Boyles Powell from John Macdonell (Sir Isaac Brock’s aide-de-camp), and a lock of his hair. Materials include correspondence, land documents, military documents, map, photograph, medallion and travel journal.
    • Jean Lussier Collection, 1928, 1930, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
      Two copies of a sepia postcard showing Jean Lussier exiting from the 6 foot rubber ball which was lined with oxygen tubes. He rode the ball over the Horseshoe Falls on July 4, 1928. He is shown here being assisted out of the ball and surrounded by onlookers. The printed caption on the card is “coming out of ball, smiling Jean.” The back of one of these cards is signed in pencil by Jean Lussier and dated August 30, 1930. One sepia postcard which shows Jean Lussier stepping on the ball directly after his successful ride. The caption is “Over Niagara Falls, July 4, 1928 Jean A. Lussier.”, 1928 One black and white postcard featuring a photo of the Falls with an inset of Jean Lussier’s head. The caption on this one is “Jean Lussier and his Rubber Ball over Horse Shoe Falls, July 4, 1928.” One 30 cm. x 22 cm. newsprint broadside announcing that you could “See the wonder of the world, Jean Lussier in person.” The broadside features a full length photograph of Jean Lussier and a diagram of the rubber ball which he rode over the Falls. “The hero of Niagara” was at the Falls View Observation Tower. The broadside was printed by Welland Printing Company and is undated, n.d.
    • Joanna E. Wood short stories, 1898-1900

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-03-25)
      Consists of 3 photocopies of short stories written by Joanna E. Wood and published in The Black Cat: a monthly magazine of short stories. The story titles are The Heart of God (1898), The Lynchpin Sensation (1899), and A Sister to the Borgias (1990).
    • John A. Ramsden Fonds, 1887, 1894

      Williams, Edie; Carl, Sharon (2010-03)
      2 personal diaries
    • John Burtniak Postcard Collection

      Williams, Edie (2010-09-14)
      The John Burtniak Postcard Collection consists of photographic images of postcards mounted on 54 poster boards. The poster boards formed part of a display created by the Map Library, Brock University prior to 1992. Each poster board was individually numbered for display, and this numbering system has been retained. There are some gaps, where poster boards are missing. The images on poster board 1.65 were mounted on a type of board different from the rest and may have been part of another display. It was unnumbered. The poster boards were transferred to the Brock University Archives after 2000. Each photographic image has been scanned and is available for viewing on four compact discs.
    • John Butler Indian Records Begun at Montreal, 1775-1776

      Williams, Edie (2011-03)
      0.7 cm of textual records
    • John DeCou letter, 1830

      Williams, Edie (2010-03)
      1 letter; photocopied from microfilm
    • John Edminster letter, July 19, 1850

      Cameron, Chantal (2014-07-17)
      A letter by John Edminster, dated at Oregon City, July 19, 1850. It is addressed to Mr. Parsons P. Meacham (Edminster’s Baptist Fellow), Cato Corners, Cayuga Co, N.Y., and describes his first impressions of his missionary work in Oregon City, Illinois, as well as a description of his visit to Niagara Falls. He writes “…I took the Steamer Emerald for Niagara Falls. We passed Black Rock, Fort Erie, & landed at Chippewa two miles above the falls, in sight of the battleground. Here we took the cars, in her Majesties Dominions…we arrived at this stupendous work of nature; where the great God Gethers a Contenant of water in his fist & dashes it down till the earth trembles…Goat Island contains 73 acres of beautiful woodland that runs down to the bluff that makes the falls causing a break in the falls making the Canada, & American falls…the wire Bridge is 2 miles below. No great thing, after it is done…”
    • John Freeman Tufts letters from Sir Charles Tupper, 1896, 1914

      Williams, Edie (2010-03)
      Two handwritten letters, one envelope.