• Copy of page 141 of Confederation by Joseph Pope annotated by John A. Macdonald, 1867

      Adams, Anne (2013-10-15)
      1 copied page from the book Confederation by Joseph Pope with John A. Macdonald signature and annotations (also copies). 1 copied page from the book Confederation: being a series of hitherto unpublished documents bearing on the British North America Act by Joseph Pope. The page number in the book is 141. Across the top is a copy of John A. Macdonald’s signature. His notes read: “Whereas the provinces of Canada N.S. and N.B. have expressed their desire to form a federal union for the purposes of govt. and legislation based on the principles of the British constitution and”. The notation ends at this point. The upper part of the page has “revise, 23 Jan. 1867” printed on the top. It is marked as confidential.