• Jean Lussier Collection, 1928, 1930, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2018-01-09)
      Two copies of a sepia postcard showing Jean Lussier exiting from the 6 foot rubber ball which was lined with oxygen tubes. He rode the ball over the Horseshoe Falls on July 4, 1928. He is shown here being assisted out of the ball and surrounded by onlookers. The printed caption on the card is “coming out of ball, smiling Jean.” The back of one of these cards is signed in pencil by Jean Lussier and dated August 30, 1930. One sepia postcard which shows Jean Lussier stepping on the ball directly after his successful ride. The caption is “Over Niagara Falls, July 4, 1928 Jean A. Lussier.”, 1928 One black and white postcard featuring a photo of the Falls with an inset of Jean Lussier’s head. The caption on this one is “Jean Lussier and his Rubber Ball over Horse Shoe Falls, July 4, 1928.” One 30 cm. x 22 cm. newsprint broadside announcing that you could “See the wonder of the world, Jean Lussier in person.” The broadside features a full length photograph of Jean Lussier and a diagram of the rubber ball which he rode over the Falls. “The hero of Niagara” was at the Falls View Observation Tower. The broadside was printed by Welland Printing Company and is undated, n.d.