• Articles and Addresses by Adam Shortt, 1900-1931

      Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
      A bound scrapbook with the title Articles and Addresses by Adam Shortt. The book is a compilation of publications, newspaper clippings, and journal articles written by or about Adam Shortt. An index in the front lists publications by Shortt in chronological order. A book plate in the front reads “presented by Mrs. Muriel Clarke, Vineland, Ontario, in memory of her father, Adam Shortt, 1967”. Biographical information is included in a 13-page memo titled “Memo obtained from Dr. Adam Shortt in personal interview, August 1928”. A list of academic distinctions and appointments held in Queen’s University is also included, as well as several obituaries. Several letters from Andrew Haydon (a Canadian lawyer and senator) to Adam Shortt are included at the end of the scrapbook. Publications included are: Sketches from the Foot-Hills: a modern pilgrim father; Early records of Ontario: extracts from the records of the court of quarter sessions for the district of Mecklenburgh; The Beginning of Municipal Government in Ontario; Imperial Preferential Trade from a Canadian point of view; Preferential Trade between Britain and Canada; Canada and Chamberlainism; Taxation of Corporations (address by Adam Shortt); The Colonial Conference and its functions; The Taxation of Public Service Corporations; Municipal Government in Ontario: an historical sketch; Personality as a social factor; History of Canadian Metallic Currency; Railroad Construction and National Prosperity: an historic parallel; Life of the Settler in Western Canada before the War of 1812; Municipal Taxation in relation to speculative land values; The Economic Effect of War upon Canada; Historical Sketch of Medical Education of Women in Kingston, Canada (by Elizabeth Smith Shortt); Early Economic Effects of the War upon Canada; The Significance for Canadian History of the Work of the Board of Historical Publications; The Economic Relations of Canadian Gold Production; The Significance of Locarno; Some Observations on the Financial Relations of the Municipalities;The Makers of Queens.