• A. C. Thorburn Prescription Ledger

      Adams, Anne (2014-12-10)
      1 book containing prescriptions which have been glued to the pages
    • Arthur A. Schmon fonds

      Adams, Anne (2015-02-10)
      83 cm. (3 boxes) textual records and 25 maps 13 coloured postcards 11 b&w postcards 4 greeting cards 1 bookmark German currency (4 bills) French currency (3 bills) 63 b&w photographs 2 books 25 maps 1 military patch
    • Barnes Wines Fonds

      Adams, Anne (2012-11-07)
      Minute books and Stock books from Barnes Wines Limited. In 1873 George Barnes, Andrew Skinner, James Skinner, John Young Reid, Charles Robert Murray, George Magan, Thomas Barnes and Robert Duncan applied for, and received a charter for a commercial winery which would be called The Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company Limited. It opened in 1894 and became known as Barnes Wines Limited. In 1973 the company completed a merger with Reckitt and Coleman (Canada) Limited. The winery operated until 1988 and was located on the banks of the old Welland Canal in St. Catharines, Ontario. The company produced a complete line of table wines, dessert wines, sherries, ports, and both crackling and sparkling wines.
    • Battlefield House flyer, n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2013-04-22)
      1 double-sided information sheet entitled “Battlefield House, Stoney Creek, Ontario” which contains information on Battlefield House and its origins.
    • Bradley Institute of Music fonds

      Adams, Anne (2011-09-21)
      These are the archival records of the Bradley Institute of Music that operated out of Niagara Falls, Ontario from 1930 to 2008. The bulk of the materials consist of writings by Harold Bradley and Grace Barnes. These works focus on the philosophy, history and science of the Institute. In instances where formal titles for their writing are non-existent, the first line of the page becomes the folder title. The collection also contains programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs and items from The Bradley Institute. The fonds contain information on Isidor Philipp, a world-renowned piano authority who co-founded the school with Harold Bradley; Grace Barnes, a concert pianist who was in charge of the preschool classes; Norman Gibson who made music easier to understand by writing A Chronological System of Music Notations, and John Pierce Langs.
    • Canadian Shredded Wheat Company Fonds

      Adams, Anne (2012-04-17)
      Series I. Scrapbook entitled The Visit of His Excellency the Governor-General to The Canadian Shredded Wheat Company Ltd. October 25th, 1933 1.1 includes: a guest register page signed by the Governor General and 13 b&w photographs of the visit of Captain Vere Brabazon Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough who served as The Governor General of Canada. Series II. Photographs, 1901, 1918, [1960], n.d. 1.2 includes: 13 b&w photographs of the Canadian Shredded Wheat Factory, the George Ellis canning factory, Shredded Wheat staff and one of the Triscuit ovens in the Niagara Falls, New York factory.
    • Carl M. Wolff fonds

      Adams, Anne (2013-03-04)
      The bulk of the materials consist of administrative records, minutes programs and publicity material for The Niagara Symphony Association, St. Catharines Community Concerts, The Brock University Fine Arts Committee and Brock University convocations.
    • Christopher Newton Collection, 1955-1998 (non-inclusive)

      Adams, Anne (2013-09-18)
      7 plays and 1 folder of personal papers
    • Clendenan-Thompson family fonds

      Adams, Anne (2013-10-04)
      The fonds contains three volumes of account books and diaries, 1 land indenture, 10 Crown Land Office receipts and 1 letter
    • Clopton Charter

      Adams, Anne (2012-04-16)
      This document is a classic example of a medieval charter, a legal document recording the conveyance of lands or rights that constitutes an extremely important class of evidence for historians of the middle ages. Charters narrated or recorded a gift or grant, but did not actually convey property; the conveyance itself was a public ceremony.Clopton Charter attached to wax seal 2 photocopied colour photos of the seal 5 coloured photos (3 of the charter and seal and 2 of the seal) 1 12 page document entitled A thirteenth-century English charter at Brock University- a 2 page translation of the charter is attached to this document 1 page transcription of the charter by Angus Somerville 1 page translation of the charter
    • Collection of Canadian periodical clippings and Peninsular Game Club of St. Catharines broadside, 1874, [1910-1950]

      Adams, Anne (2013-10-17)
      Collection of Canadian periodical clippings including: poetry, anecdotal clippings, advertisements and a broadside posted by the Peninsular Game Club of St. Catharines.
    • Colonel John Butler (Niagara)/St. Catharines District Branch of the United Empire Loyalists fonds

      Adams, Anne (2013-09-06)
      The fonds contains materials relating to the Colonel John Butler (Niagara)/ St. Catharines District Branch. The materials included are minutes, correspondence, clippings, photographs newsletters and scrapbooks.
    • Commemorative Medals of the War of 1812, 1963

      Adams, Anne (2013-05-10)
      8 bronze medallions commemorating the War of 1812 1. Sir General Isaac Brock 1782-1812 and the Battle of Queenston Heights 2. Laura Ingersoll Secord and the Battle of Beaverdams 3. Sir Gordon Drummond 1771-1854 4. Sir James Lucas Yeo 1728-1818 and the attack on Fort Oswego 5 The Battle of Stoney Creek 6. The Battle of Crysler’s Farm 7. H. M. Schooner Nancy 1789-1814 8. H.M.S. St. Lawrence and the Royal Navy Dockyard, Kingston, Upper Canada
    • Copy of page 141 of Confederation by Joseph Pope annotated by John A. Macdonald, 1867

      Adams, Anne (2013-10-15)
      1 copied page from the book Confederation by Joseph Pope with John A. Macdonald signature and annotations (also copies). 1 copied page from the book Confederation: being a series of hitherto unpublished documents bearing on the British North America Act by Joseph Pope. The page number in the book is 141. Across the top is a copy of John A. Macdonald’s signature. His notes read: “Whereas the provinces of Canada N.S. and N.B. have expressed their desire to form a federal union for the purposes of govt. and legislation based on the principles of the British constitution and”. The notation ends at this point. The upper part of the page has “revise, 23 Jan. 1867” printed on the top. It is marked as confidential.
    • The Death of Brock at Queenston Heights, 1812: Imperial Tobacco Company silk card

      Adams, Anne (2013-09-13)
      1 piece of silk which is imprinted with the death of Brock at Queenston Heights in 1812. This was part of the “Canadian History Series” of silks put out by the Imperial Tobacco Company.
    • Hydro Electric Commission of Niagara Falls Ontario Scrapbook, 1936-1939, 1943-1951

      Adams, Anne (2012-11-07)
      1 Scrapbook divided into 2 sections. Each section contains clippings. The first half of the scrapbook contains clippings which range from 1936 – 1942. The second half of the book also contains clippings. These clippings feature stories about: 1936 – Information about bondholders 1946 – Critical power shortages which last until 1950 1947 – Conversion to 60-cycle is urged 1948 – Local industries are badly crippled by a lack of power 1949 – Announcement of construction of a plant on the lower Niagara River to start as soon as a treaty is signed. 1950 - Power treaty is announced which will double the output of Niagara power 1951 – 60 cycle power is made available in Niagara Falls on July 6th, 1951 - A second tunnel for hydro power might be started in the autumn of 1951 at Sir Adam Beck Generating Station no. 2
    • Image of Niagara Falls n.d.

      Adams, Anne (2012-04-17)
      1 7 ¾ x 5” sepia photograph of Niagara Falls, featuring (left to right) Prospect Point, the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.
    • James VI of Scotland Letter, 1579

      Adams, Anne (2012-04-25)
      1 letter signed by, and under the privy seal of King James VI of Scotland, measures 29 ½ x 20 cm.