These finding aids are meant to help researchers find information in the fonds and collections available at the Brock University Archives & Special Collections.

Recent Submissions

  • Snap-shots, Port Colborne

    Williams, Edie; Carl, Sharon (2024-03-21)
    Photo album and scrapbook containing many World War I era newspaper clippings and family photographs. The black and white photographs are of various subjects including the building of the Welland Canal, Niagara Falls, early aviation near Port Colborne, Nickel beach, homes in Port Colborne, and a photograph of an unknown engineer on the new Welland Canal. The photographs also include three individuals in black face. Please note: This collection contains imagery that reflects the time period when it was created and the view of its creator(s). This can include offensive and negative language, references, and stereotypes that are no longer used or appropriate today. The item(s) retain their original content to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the historical record. The Archives & Special Collections are actively working on including more respectful and representative language in our own descriptions now and into the future
  • American Reports on the War of 1812, 1813-1817

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
    Assorted published American reports on the War of 1812. One set of reports is bound with missing covers.
  • Lou Cahill interview transcripts by Peter Johansen, 1998

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
    Two typewritten interview transcripts of an interview with Lou Cahill by Peter Johansen of Carleton University. The first transcript is 27 pages and is dated March 16, 1998. The second transcript is 20 pages and is dated May 1, 1998. Also included is a copy of Peter Johansen’s article published in Journalism Studies and titled Professionalism, Building Respectability, and the Birth of the Canadian Public Relations Society. The abstract notes that the paper draws “upon selected aspects of Macdonald’s model of professionalism, this paper traces the emergence of public relations in Canada in the years following World War II and, in particular, the role of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) in that process. A brief sketch of pre-war public relations history is provided; selected explanations for post-war growth are advanced. The paper’s primary aim, however, is to outline some steps that CPRS took to establish the respectability of the emerging profession and its claims for expertise…”
  • Railway Employees’ Time Book Guide and Directory, 1938-1940

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
    A completed Railway Employees’ Time Book Guide and Directory. The identity of the booklet’s owner is unknown but the pages record the day; straight time; overtime; total hours, days or miles; overtime rate; time left; time arrived; time of register; and amount. The book also contains many advertisements for local businesses in Niagara Falls, Bridgeburg, Ridgeway, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Stevensville, and Welland.
  • Niagara Region 10-year published review, 1980

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
    A newspaper-style 10-year published review of the Niagara Region titled Niagara The Regional Municipality of Niagara Ten Years of Service for You. The review was published in October 1980 and contains articles on early municipal history and formation of regional government; municipal government basic relationships; community services; basic organization of regional Niagara; the Regional Planning’s role in community development; amalgamation of essential services for tax savings; a plan to burn garbage to produce electricity; Public Works; Social Services Department; Senior Citizens Department; Niagara Regional Health Unit; Niagara Children’s Services Committee; Family and Children’s Services; Niagara Regional Police Force; Tourism; and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.
  • Letter to Alexander Hamilton by Samuel Street, July 20, 1833

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
    A letter by Samuel Street to Alexander Hamilton, Postmaster, Queenston dated at Fall Mills, July 20, 1833. The letter is one page and concerns Mary’s Estate. The letter states that “I did not get your late sisters’ books till yesterday aftn the receipt of your letter advising that they were forwarded by Mr. Forsyth’s stage. I cannot now say on what day I would visit you and your brother John to come up.” It is signed by Samuel Street and postmarked Chippawa.
  • Brock’s Monument stereo cards, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
  • Campbell Family Fonds

    Williams, Edie (2024-01-08)
    The textual materials of the Campbell and Oille families. Includes correspondence, clippings, land transaction documents, and business records, including minutes, invoices, correspondence, and certificates.
  • Beatty Mill account book

    Williams, Edie (2024-01-04)
    The Beatty Mill account book (1869-1875) includes the names of many local businesses, including: Lybster Cotton Mill, James Norris, Wesleyan Methodist Church John Abbey, George N. Oile [Oille], William Parnall, Thorold Post, Parry Sound Mills, and Lewis Shickluna.
  • Sherman Zavitz fonds, 1991-2021, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2023-11-08)
    Fonds contains news clippings concerning Sherman Zavitz, official historian for Niagara Falls, Ontario, from 1994 to 2019. Most of the clippings are weekly columns written by Zavitz on Niagara’s history including “A Niagara Note” and a photo feature known as “Niagara Then and Now”. There are also some articles that feature Sherman Zavitz and a few on general Niagara history.
  • Ada Gladys Killins fonds

    Adams, Anne (2023-10-25)
    7 cm. of textual material, 76 b&w photos, 45 col. slides, 1 col. postcard and 9 watercolour paintings
  • Joseph Edward Masters fonds, 1823-1967, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2023-10-05)
    Fonds consists of records accumulated by Joseph Edward Masters during his life and career as Reeve and Town Clerk of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Fonds primarily consists of papers and correspondence, but also includes a notebook with personal entries, and ration books and meat tokens from the Wartime Prices & Trade Board. Also included are newspaper clippings and other items relating to Janet Carnochan, a prominent figure in the Niagara community, as well as papers relating to the Niagara Rifle Association.
  • Joan Nicks Research Collection, 1910-2023, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2023-09-28)
    The collection contains material compiled by Joan Nicks while conducting research about local popular culture in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She is the author of two books, titled Lost Movie Theatres, Niagara Falls, Ontario: movie-going in a cross-border city and Disappearing Motels, Niagara Falls, Ontario: cultural decline of a post-war travel icon. Most of the material consists of video and audio cassettes of interviews, photographs, and slides. Some of the photographs show performers in blackface. Some promotional material and legal documents concerning Niagara Falls theatres is also included, as well as a map of “Little Italy” in Niagara Falls (1922).
  • Lini Grol collection, 1956-2010, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2023-09-19)
    The collection contains material related to Lini Grol’s artwork and writing including scissorcuts, drawings, news clippings, manuscripts, and published books of fiction and non-fiction including short stories, plays, poetry, and a novel.

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