These finding aids are meant to help researchers find information in the fonds and collections available at the Brock University Archives & Special Collections.

Recent Submissions

  • A south view of Fort Oswego on Lake Ontario in North America, 1760

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-06-04)
    A south view of Fort Oswego on Lake Ontario in North America engraved for the London Magazine, 1760. The picture shows the River Onondago, Lake Ontario, and Fort Oswego’s buildings and tents.
  • Goldspink Prints Collection, 1755-1877, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-31)
    Brothers Tom and Frank Goldspink spent many years amassing a large collection of Niagara-related artwork. Since 2006, the art was displayed in the TAG Art Gallery in St. Catharines. The closure of the gallery in 2022 meant that a new home needed to be found for the collection. The art was distributed among various institutions in the Niagara Region including Brock University, the Niagara Falls History Museum, the St. Catharines Museum, and the Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum.
  • Louisville Weekly Journal, March 3, 1841

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-28)
    An issue of the Louisville Weekly Journal containing an article on the front page titled “Destruction of the Niagara Falls”. The article is noted to be a hoax at the bottom. The article is purported to be out of the office of the Advertiser, Buffalo, New York on February 14. The article begins “We hasten to announce to our readers and to the world an event in its nature at once the most stupendous and sublime that has ever been recorded in the annals of the wonderful. The Falls of Niagara—the unmatched phenomenon of nature, the centralization of power, grandeur and beauty…IS NO MORE.” The back page contains various illustrated advertisements including some for runaway slaves.
  • Letter to Mrs. John [Elizabeth] Blagborne from her father and sister, September 12, 1835

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-28)
    A letter addressed to Mrs. John [Elizabeth] Blagborne, St. Catharines, District of Niagara, Upper Canada, North America, by way of New York. The letter is postmarked New York and Queenston. It is dated 10 New Bridge St., Tradestown, Glasgow, September 12, 1835. The first 2 ½ pages of the letter are written by Elizabeth’s father and the last 2 pages by her sister. Some parts of the letter contain cross-writing. Her father writes that they are in Glasgow and that William is with them to get his medical education completed. He discusses their travels and the friends they have seen, as well as how much they enjoyed the sail to Glasgow, noting that Glasgow is one of the finest cities they have ever seen. He also mentions their housing situation and that the house is in need of repairs and furniture, but they hope to get to that in time. He finishes “I remain, my dear Elizabeth, your aff. Father”. The rest of the letter is written by Elizabeth’s sister. She writes mostly about the people they have encountered. She notes that the men are very clean but the women are quite the reverse and are exceedingly dirty. She adds that the lower class all go barefooted and they have seen them more than once with beautiful silk dresses and splendid veils without shoes or stockings. Children also go to school with a clean frock and bare feet. Notwithstanding these strange things she thinks they will be very happy and likes Glasgow very much.
  • Land grant to Rebecca Thomas, October 16, 1810

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-28)
    A land grant to Rebecca Thomas signed by Sir Francis Gore, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, October 16, 1810. The document grants 200 acres of land to Rebecca Thomas of the Township of Niagara, County of Lincoln, District of Niagara, wife of Silas Thomas and daughter of George Campbell. The land is in Scott Township, York County, Home District. Francis Gore’s signature appears in the top left corner of the document. It is also signed by P. Selby, Auditor General; William Firth, Attorney General; and William Jarvis, Provincial Secretary.
  • Niagara Falls Local Council of Women fonds, 1950-1975

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-22)
    The fonds contains three scrapbooks of the Niagara Falls Local Council of Women. The scrapbooks contain news clippings, programs and photographs. There is also a list of donations dated April 13, 1975 that includes a book, pamphlets, articles and newsletters, briefs, and cash books and minutes of the Niagara Falls Local Council of Women. The location of these materials is not known.
  • Essex Register, November 16, 1814

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-22)
    An issue of the Essex Register dated November 16, 1814 featuring a map of the Great Lakes and of the North Western Territory with an extensive article on the negotiations to end the War of 1812 and how this may affect the boundary between Canada and the United States. The article title reads “Don’t Give up the Soil: England demands of us Two Hundred & Twenty Millions of Acres!” The article fills the first page and begins “We have very carefully examined the Communications from our respectable Envoys at Ghent, and have particularly noticed the demands of the enemy. It appears they want a new boundary line. It will be very well to understand this new proposed boundary line distinctly. To enable our readers to have a view on the whole ground we present them with a “Map of the Lakes”, and the territory connected with them”. The article proceeds to outline proposed boundary changes that the writer feels are unfair and concludes “We are not prepared for this degradation…we invoke the spirit of Washington to inspire our countrymen with wisdom, courage and patriotism to resist such infernal propositions. We must wage an interminable war with the plunderers of the world, rather than submit to such infamous demands.”
  • Upper Canada Gazette, September 9, 1824

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-22)
    An issue of the Upper Canada Gazette, printed at York, U.C., September 9, 1824, vol. III, no. XXXVII, pp. 293-296. The gazette contains a variety of information including government proclamations, notices of Sheriff’s Sales and government contracts, items for sale, and foreign intelligence providing updates on France, Turkey, Ireland, and New South Wales.
  • Proclamation by John Graves Simcoe to such as are desirous to settle on the lands of the Crown in the Province of Upper Canada, 1795

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-22)
    A proclamation “by such as are desirous to settle on the lands of the crown in the Province of Upper Canada; by his Excellency John Graves Simcoe, Esquire; Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the said province, and Colonel Commanding His Majesty’s Forces, &c. &c &c…” The proclamation was originally issued on February 7, 1792, and was reprinted at Newark by G. Tiffany in 1795. The document is intended to “make known the terms of grant and settlement” in 10 numbered paragraphs. The proclamation was issued by Thomas Talbot, Acting Secretary.
  • An Act for erecting a Suspension Bridge over the Niagara River, at or near the Falls of Niagara, 1846

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-22)
    A document titled “Anno Decimo Victoria Reginae, Cap. CXII [1846, No. 112]: An Act for erecting a Suspension Bridge over the Niagara River, at or near the Falls of Niagara”. The document is four pages and includes sections on incorporation, amount of capital, management, stock, meetings, site survey, tolls and penalties, and the construction timeline. The names of the principal investors are listed and include Samuel De Veaux, James Buchanan, Thomas Street, C.B. Stuart, P. Whitney, W.H. Merritt, James Cummings, Oliver T. Macklim, James R. Benson, and William Wright. Royal Assent was given by Her Majesty in Council on 30th October [1846], and proclamation made thereof by His Excellency Earl Cathcart, in the Canada Gazette of December 26, 1846.
  • White-Lind fonds, 1844-1964, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    Fonds contains material related to the White and Lind families. Most of the fonds consists of photographs with some correspondence, news clippings, and ephemera, and is focused on Hannah Lind White & John White, and Irene Henderson White & Stanley White. There are also two letters addressed to William and John Lind from 1844 and 1845. The material was kept in the order it was received with the assigned labels.
  • Muster roll of a part of Captain Grant’s Company, 2nd Lincoln Militia employed in erecting works of defence on Queenston Heights, April-June [1814] [photocopies]

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    Two photocopies of muster rolls of Captain Grant’s Company, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia, employed in erecting works of defence on Queenston Heights. The first sheet is dated from April 27 to May 3 and includes names, ranks, period worked, total number of days, rate for each day and total amount. Names include John Morrison; Thomas Alexander; Richard Bond; Aaron Crane; William Eyckler; Robert Fralick; Jacob Gardner; Augustus House; Frederick House; Peter Hoover; Laurence Lemon; William McLellan; Frederick Near; Robert Pew; Lanty Shannon; Viart Vanwyck; Gilbert Vanwyck; Thomas Willson; Patrick Willson; Robert Willson; and William Weaver. The roll is signed by John Warren. There may be another surname after his name but it is not legible. The second sheet is dated from May 30 to June 2. Names include John Warren [?]; John Fralick; Jacob Killman; Richard Bond; Aaron Crane; William Eyckler; Jacob Gardner; D. Lemon; Frederick Near; Lanty Shannon; Viart Vanwyck; Thomas Willson; Robert Willson; John Upper [?]; Adam Spencer; Benjamin Corwin; William Gardner; Jacob Near; and Haggy Cook. The original documents are with Library and Archives Canada, War of 1812: Upper Canada Returns, Nominal Rolls and Paylists, RG 9 1B7.
  • Correspondence of Isaac D. Barnard, 1813-1836, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    The collection consists mostly of correspondence written by or to Isaac D. Barnard. There are 57 letters, 10 manuscript receipts and promissory notes, and two printed circulars. Barnard was an American lawyer, solider, politician and Senator from West Chester, Pennsylvania. The letters provide information on his service during the War of 1812, legal career, his terms in the State Senate of Pennsylvania, and as a United States Senator. His service during the War of 1812 included Fort George, Plattsburg, and Lyon’s Creek [Cook’s Mills]. There are two letters in the collection dated during the War of 1812.
  • The history of a narrow escape of some white men from being tomahawked, scalped and robbed by Indians

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    A promotional pamphlet titled “An Indian Tradition: the history of a narrow escape of some white men from being tomahawked, scalped and robbed by Indians”. The first four pages of the pamphlet describe a thwarted ambush of a cattle drive from Niagara to Detroit at the end of the 18th century. William Wallace and three companions were warned of the ambush by a friendly Indigenous person named Jacob Big Tree. He also gave them a miraculous medicine that is advertised in the remaining 12 pages of the pamphlet. The medicine advertised is Brant’s Indian Pulmonary Balsam and Brant’s Indian Purifying Extract, touted to cure a host of ailments including consumption, whooping cough, inflammation of the lungs, ulcers, liver complaints, and female complaints.
  • Travel diary of Marguerite Treet “New York to Frisco and Back”, 1919

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    A travel diary belonging to Marguerite Treet of Hackensack, New Jersey, describing her trip from New York to San Francisco and back in 1919. The entries are dated from July 7, 1919 to November 18, 1919 and include descriptions of her activities, accommodations, sightseeing, meals, people she meets, and the state of her car. The trip takes her through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, then up to Alaska, back down to Oregon, and California, before heading back east through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, West Virginia, and Maryland. The first few days of her trip take her from New York to Niagara Falls.
  • The Countryman newspaper with an account of Blondin’s tightrope crossing at Niagara Falls, October 6, 1862

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    An issue of The Countryman, October 6, 1862. The Countryman was a secessionist newspaper by J.A. Turner from Turnwold, Putnam County, Georgia. Turner printed the newspaper from his plantation. It mostly contains articles about art and culture rather than politics. This issue contains a first-hand account of Charles Blondin’s stunts when crossing the Niagara River on a tightrope. The account takes up approximately half of the first page and describes how Blondin lay down on the tightrope, balanced on his head, hung with one leg hooked over the rope, cooked an omelette on a sheet-iron stove and lowered it to passengers below on the Maid of the Mist. The writer concludes by giving a physical description of Blondin, noting that “he was rather small, but looked hard, wiry and muscular. His complexion was somewhat cadaverous, his hair, moustache, and goatee nearly white. This, I suppose, was their original color, and age had nothing to do with it, for he appeared to be about thirty years old”.
  • Lincoln County Clerk of the Peace Office Records, 1852-1889, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-14)
    Records from the Lincoln County Clerk of the Peace Office dated from 1852 to 1889. The records include a bond between Peter Grant & Elias Hoover; a list of Constables costs; opinion of P. McCarthy, misdemeanor; bond between Nathan Johnston and Henry Culp; printed correspondence from the Office of the Peace sent to local Justices of the Peace; a complaint by Robert Lambert against Robert Moot; a complaint by Robert Wilson; a statement by Matthias Misener against James Blanchard; an oath by John Sparbeck; an oath by William Anderson; complaint of Thomas Scanlon; a warrant to apprehend Thomas Ullman; an oath by James Smith; complaint of James Anderson; oath of Andrew Parker; summons to John Chambers; oath of Lewis Shoalts; oath of Eli Robins; oath of Lafayette Dennis; oath of Nancy Ann Robins; oath of L.W. Dennis; oath of Walter Cavers; oath of John Johnston; oath of A.E. Thomas; oath of George Castle; oath of Alfred Wade; oath of Jeremiah Smith; oath and examination of John Smith; oath of William Walker; oath of Michael Johnson; oath of William Walker; oath of Christopher Misener; a series of motions in 1886 written on small scraps of paper; oath of Ella House; conviction of George Pitman for assault of Ella House; and oath of Charles Scott.
  • Beatties Stationary Fonds, 1836-2014, n.d.

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-05-03)
    Fonds contains material related to the activities of Niagara-based office-supply business Beatties. The company has operated under several names over the year including Izzard and Bixby Booksellers and Stationers, D.W. Bixby Books and Stationary, Bixby-Beattie Company, Beattie-Hill Ltd., Beattie Stationary Ltd. and Beatties. In addition to selling stationary, the store also had a lending library at one point. Numerous books are included in the fonds, as well as material related to the company’s operations and expansion including catalogues, promotional material, photographs, administrative records, and branded items. Some information about the Beatties family is also included, as well as several historic St. Catharines newspapers from the 1860s and 1870s that feature early advertisements for the business.
  • Snap-shots, Port Colborne

    Williams, Edie; Carl, Sharon (2024-03-21)
    Photo album and scrapbook containing many World War I era newspaper clippings and family photographs. The black and white photographs are of various subjects including the building of the Welland Canal, Niagara Falls, early aviation near Port Colborne, Nickel beach, homes in Port Colborne, and a photograph of an unknown engineer on the new Welland Canal. The photographs also include three individuals in black face. Please note: This collection contains imagery that reflects the time period when it was created and the view of its creator(s). This can include offensive and negative language, references, and stereotypes that are no longer used or appropriate today. The item(s) retain their original content to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the historical record. The Archives & Special Collections are actively working on including more respectful and representative language in our own descriptions now and into the future
  • American Reports on the War of 1812, 1813-1817

    Cameron, Chantal (2024-02-14)
    Assorted published American reports on the War of 1812. One set of reports is bound with missing covers.

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