These finding aids are meant to help researchers find information in the fond available at The Brock University Special Collections and Archives.

Recent Submissions

  • Niagara area coloured prints collection, 1833-1850, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-11)
    The collection consists of three prints featuring coloured illustrations of the Niagara area. Two of the prints feature illustrations of Niagara Falls and one of the Upper Canada Agricultural Association Exhibition at ...
  • First Lincoln Militia Regimental orders, November 19, 1838 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-10)
    A copy of First Lincoln Militia Regimental orders, dated at Niagara, 19 November 1838. The orders read as follows: “The Regiment will assemble on the Commons opposite Queen Street, on Thursday the 22nd inst. at 12 o’clock, ...
  • Richard Edward (Ted) Yates fonds, 1914-1955, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-10)
    Fonds consists of five black and white photographs and one programme. The photographs relate to the construction of the fourth Welland Canal. They include a group photograph, including Richard Yates; Bridge no. 10 ...
  • Baker family fonds, 1848-1918 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-06)
    Fonds consists mostly of the journals and diaries of silversmith Stephens Baker of Beverly, Massachusetts, 1848-1883. This includes two travel journals and seven daily diaries. Both travel journals contain lenghty ...
  • Buffalo Heights leaflet, ca. 1928 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-05)
    A leaflet advertising Buffalo Heights, “Canada’s Choice Lake Shore Development”. The front page provides some of the selling features of the development, including its proximity to Buffalo, Bertie Bay (best sandy bathing ...
  • Boomer Family Business Fonds, 1830-1900, n.d. (non-inclusive) 

    Adams, Anne (2018-07-05)
    The textual materials of the Boomer Family Business fonds includes clerical records, legal documents, receipts and various other materials that document the activities of the family.
  • Panoramic photographs of Niagara Falls, 1970 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-04)
    Four colour, panoramic photographs of Niagara Falls, including the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Some photographs also include the Skylon Tower and Minolta Tower.
  • Letter from B.H. Thompson to Mary Thompson, August 6, 1848 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-07-03)
    A letter from B.H. Thompson, dated at Stanwix Hall, Albany, August 6, 1848, to Mary Thompson, New York. The letter describes Thompson’s trip from New York to Albany, and from there to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. He comments ...
  • Letters from Agnes Fitzgibbon to Henry James Morgan, 1861 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-28)
    Two letters to Henry James Morgan from Agnes Fitzgibbon, dated at Toronto, 1861. The first letter is dated August 20, 1861 and marked “private”. The letter mostly discusses a box of books written by Ferdinand Brock Tupper ...
  • Letters from Andrew Relph to Captain Benjamin Burlingame, 1821-1838 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-28)
    Seven letters written to Captain Benjamin Burlingame of Coventry, Kent County, Rhode Island, dated from 1821 to 1838. Six of the letters are written by Andrew Relph. The remaining letter is written by Captain Burlingame’s ...
  • University Photograph Collection 

    Williams, Edie (2018-06-25)
    This collection consists of photographs created, collected and compiled by the University photographers, Office of External Relations, and University Marketing & Communications staff and others from the beginnings of the ...
  • Niagara postcards collection, 1854-1964, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-21)
    The collection consists of photocopied postcards from areas in the Niagara region, including Jordan, Merritton, Stamford and Thorold.
  • Niagara Falls photo album, 1949. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-21)
    A photo album of Millie Hagen’s trip to Niagara Falls in 1949. The album contains 46 black and white photographs with captions. Photographs include the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls; Luna Island; Rainbow Bridge; ...
  • Dr. W.E. Hurlburt fonds, 1930-1951, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-15)
    Fonds consists of correspondence accumulated by Dr. W.E. Hurlburt during his life and career as an ornithologist.
  • Fonthill Women’s Institute fonds, 1913-1983 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-13)
    Fonds contains 14 minute books of the Fonthill Women’s Institute. The volumes include 1913-1918; 1921-1927; and 1936-1983. Each volume contains meeting minutes, membership lists, and financial statements.
  • Isabel McComb Brighty Fonds, 1812-1961, n.d. (non-inclusive) 

    Adams, Anne (2018-06-08)
    Notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs, journals and documents pertaining to the writing of Isabel McComb Brighty.
  • Orlo Miller fonds, 1854-1994, n.d. 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-06-08)
    Fonds consists of research material related to Butler’s Rangers. The material was compiled by Orlo Miller in the course of his research for the book Raiders of the Mohawk: the story of Butler’s Rangers, as well as an ...
  • Horse Breeders Association of the County of Welland Letters Patent, 1882 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
    Letters Patent of the Horse Breeders Association of the County of Welland. Consists of four pages attached by a blue paper seal with ribbons in the upper left corner. Founding members include Joseph Garner of Pelham; ...
  • Articles and Addresses by Adam Shortt, 1900-1931 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
    A bound scrapbook with the title Articles and Addresses by Adam Shortt. The book is a compilation of publications, newspaper clippings, and journal articles written by or about Adam Shortt. An index in the front lists ...
  • N.R. [Newton Ross] Teeft account book, 1900-1903 

    Cameron, Chantal (2018-05-16)
    An account book belonging to N.R. [Newton Ross] Teeft of Canboro. The first part of the book (pages 1-92) records expenses paid for drilling wells. Expenses were recorded for drilling in Caledonia, Dunnville, Forks Road, ...

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