• Incidencia de las TIC en la Comercialización de los Productos de las Comunidades Rurales Indígenas en el Ecuador

      Lupien, Pascal (Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 2019-11-25)
      Given the fact that many Indigenous communities produce various types of products, the use of ICTs to promote and sell their goods could provide them with important income and thus increase their economic independence. Although a growing number of researchers are studying the use of ICTs in social movements, we still know little about the impact of ICTs on the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. This article therefore addresses the following questions: What is the impact of ICTs on the commercial activities of indigenous organizations? and In what ways do ICTs strengthen or hinder their ability to achieve economic independence? We respond to these questions through examining the use of ICTs by civil society organizations in Ecuador. We note that while there are advantages and disadvantages, Indigenous communities are unable to overcome the challenges they face with respect to using ICTs for commercial purposes.