• Global Movement Assemblages - Compilation 3 - Long-term struggles vs. transitory occupations

      Dr. Mark Ayyash, Dr. Gul Caliskan and Oznur Karakas discuss their papers with Elise Thorburn as a discussant. Key issues are relationship between longterm land-based struggles and more ephemeral urban occupations of public space, critiques of nationalism, and significance of embodiment in social struggles. Mark Ayyash: "Resistance of Palestinian Fellahin, Past and Present, Global and Local'" 15:55 Gul Caliskan: "An assemblage of dissent: Symbols and humor at Gezi 2013" 20:26 Oznur Karakas: "Gezi movement: Embodied encounters in the making of an alternative space and the logic of assemblage" 27:19 The Global Movement Assemblages Symposium was held on October 13-15, 2016 by the Social Justice Research Institute at Brock University.